Premiere: “NLT (What Erykah Said)” showcases the great talent of up-and-coming indie pop duo Jane

Get a first taste of Jane’s third single and accompanying video, which is a touching portrait of dealing with feelings we normally seek to suppress.

Photo: Asbjørn Rosenlund
Photo: Asbjørn Rosenlund

There’s something incredibly beautiful about Jane‘s aesthetics, though the feelings expressed in their third single “NLT (What Erykah Said)” might feel both wrong and ugly.

NLT stands for “next lifetime”, and the moving track reflects upon what we normally think are forbidden emotions and how to deal with them when we feel them anyway. Singer and songwriter Johanne Frandsen explains that the lyrics are about “…the first time you experience chemistry and attraction to a person who’s not the one you’re in a relationship with. And finding out that maybe that’s ok? That you don’t necessarily love your partner less, just because you feel attracted to other people as well.”

The emotional words are delivered with Johanne’s soulful voice accompanied by a majestic musical universe built up around dynamic, jazz-infused drums and dense, ecstatic synths. There’s a lot going on in the soundscapes which emphasizes the inner, emotional monologue of the protagonist.

The stunning new single comes with an equally stunning visual production by Asbjørn Rosenlund, who’s created an impressive video reminiscent of the ones that French electro duo The Blaze have become know for.

The Danish duo consists of high school friends Johanne Frandsen and Jason Cameron who met under a tree in a Copenhagen park to wash down their heartbreaks with a six pack of beers. The day after, they found themselves in a studio, where they discovered the therapy of music together. That was only two years ago, which is quite impressive when you hear how coherent their style and sound is. If this is what we get after two years and two previous singles, we’ve got a feeling that something big is cooking in Jane’s future, and we can’t wait to experience it!

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Photo: Asbjørn Rosenlund

“NLT (What Erykah Said)” is the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming debut-EP which is expected to be out in the spring of 2021.
“NLT (What Erykah Said)” is officially out tomorrow, Friday 25th.