PREMIERE: Music Video ‘Heaven’ From ARES Is Exactly As Its Title

ARES is back with a vibrant and dreamy video with all the elements to lull you into a summer-crush state.

Danish pop duo ARES is urging us all to dive in headfirst with all of the beautiful sensitivity that summer, other people, sunshine, and relationships have to offer with their newest single ‘Heaven’.

The single is on a lighter note than their previously released music, with playful synth, flowing and forceful energies, and a strong emotional display of affection between the duo that draws parallels to critically acclaimed Haim. For their summer single, they wanted an equally bright visual representation for their very first video and managed to create a result that was the perfect embodiment of the singles energy.

The video for ‘Heaven’ consists of a series of private clips, close-ups, and snippets of the duo in scenic Copenhagen spots that invite the audience to join in on the intimacy between the two artists behind ARES, Louise Andersen and Line Mortensen.

And it’s exactly that intimacy that the track is about as ‘Heaven’ was made to dive deep into their emotions with a desire to show the listeners their own personal relationships. About the music video, the duo says:

“We always wanted to make a music video, and when we wrote ‘Heaven’ we could feel that this was the perfect song to create a visual universe for. The collaboration with Emma Ishøy on the video has been amazing, she immediately understood our vision and managed to bring it to life.”

The single was inspired by the duos own journey through an artistic and collaborative relationship where the road to vulnerability and honesty was a process. As with most experiences in life, growing in one part of life pushes you to grow in others, so the message of emotionally jumping into things headfirst and being your true self can be transferrable to many dynamics in life.

Here’s to sensitivity, emotions, and the courage to display it all!


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