PREMIERE: MS. KATANA’s ‘Jana’ Is A Trip To Mellower Times

Treat yourself to Ms. Katana’s pocket of an uncomplicated time and sun fuelled hangouts in the good energy track ‘Jana’.

Not only are you about to experience the premiere of ‘Jana’, but we’re also diving into Miriam Katana, also known as MS. KATANA‘s, debut as a singer.

Partnered up with producer John Vincent from the Dose Sampu collective, the duo has managed to create a mellow banger suitable for the eternal-good-vibes-energy an endless summer brings with it. We feel sunshine, we feel the love of a good crew, we feel endless days and we feel warm adventurous nights.

Let MS. Katana’s honey-like voice carry you to the Nairobian secrets and beauty in which the video is shot below:

‘Jana’ means ‘yesterday’ in Swahili, and in the same lyrical sentiment of simpler days, the track feels like a time travel back to a time with less global worries.

Some parts of the present are to be preferred though, ’cause the further we move along, the more inspiring artists like KATANA can diversify the otherwise male-dominated genre of world-music & afrobeat.

If this is the debut then we’re excited to see what else she cooks up for us.

All photos by: Mbugua Job


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