PREMIERE: ‘Money Maker’ From Kinck Is Where It’s At

Danish singer, songwriter and creator, Kinck, has released a brand new single that talks about capitalism, money and the art of doin’ it well.

Hot off the press, Danish-Senegalese artist, Kinck, has dropped an enticingly blasé single to encourage the money-making public to take a step back and figure out what the fuck is actually making you happy. Continuing a powerful stream of releases in 2019 – leading with the mystifyingly melancholic “Hunger Pains”, followed boldly by the garage trap gem, “Kitty Got Claws” and closing out with the sweet and sour “Drip Like Honey” – Kinck has solidified her stance as the bag girl to beat the bunch. The latest instillation of her magical resonance comes in the form of her signature swag with a meaningful message; “Money Maker” takes a stab at capitalism, money and working it as you do.

We spoke to homie Kinck about the process behind the latest single, making it work on a broke girl budget and her artistic journey through creative collaborations. Tune in!

What’s up with you? How is 2020 treating you so far?

I’m working on a lot of new music and feel really excited about 2020 so far. Though it kind of feels like you know someone is gonna throw you a surprise party, but you don’t know when or where, or who they invited and why you are gonna be celebrated in the first place. Also you’re kind of an introvert so big parties scare you and don’t know what to do with the attention. So I guess scary and good is the answer, hahah.

Your latest song is a smooth AF take on love & money. What are your relationships with these two topics, IRL?

Thank you! Being single and a broke artist I would say it’s a work in progress hahaha. No seriously – I always write my lyrics very openly and ‘Money Maker’ is not only about love in the romantic sense, but it’s also like an affirmation or reminder to be brave enough to trust your instinct and go for the things that makes you happy, even though people might think it’s crazy. It seems like capitalism has blurred everyones vision in seeing what has profound value these days. I think I wrote this to remind myself it was the right thing to keep going for my dreams at a place where I was doubting myself.

What was the process like, getting this song together?

I wrote the song in London with a producer named Oscar Bell and we had actually had another session the day before where we wrote another dope song so I was sure we couldn’t nail it two days in a row. But we wrote ‘Money Maker’ in about two hours and were dancing around in the studio by the end of the session.

What is the motivation behind the song?

it’s really about trying to focus on the things that make you happy and not fall in to the trap that society sets up for us which has an eternal focus on money and progress before human connection and spiritual progress. I think it’s hard being super ambitious and not falling into the feeling of never being enough, because we put too much of our worth into our accomplishments and forget that our real value lies way beyond that. I know I do that all the time, so now I have a song to set me straight.

I feel like for many people, 2019 was a shit ride. What’s your biggest highlight from last year? Did anything positive happen for you at all? 🙂

Yeah 2019 was a special one, but I feel like I planted a lot of seeds that will grow into something awesome hopefully sooner than later. I think my highlight was my trip to Los Angeles where I made some amazing new creative friendships and have some great projects in the works because of that now.

What do you find is the best way to clear your mind? As an independent person and full-on creator, it must get tiring at times with all the stuff you got going on!

Such a good question. I’m sure a lot of freelancers and entrepreneurs can relate when I say that it’s super hard to get out of your head and not work on the down low even when you’re off. I started doing hot vinyasa yoga some time ago which helps me a lot and then I cook a lot as well which is so relaxing to me.

What are you jamming out to lately? Any tunes catching your ear rn?

Always! I love discovering new music and spend a bunch of time getting inspired by new music. Right now my favorites are the newest Kaytranda album and then I have Jidenna, Dounia and SAINt JHN in heavy rotation. I actually just made a playlist that people can check out if they wanna hear more of the jams I’m into right now, (here’s a link).

How have you seen your artistic creating change or develop over the years?

I feel very blessed to have been able to do so many different kinds of music and work with so many talents that have taught me so much about songwriting. One thing that I have learned about myself is that I work best before I start thinking about what I’m doing and most of my best songs are written in a freestyle take the first time I listen to a track. When I write for other artists the flow is very different where the songwriting is approached more. Technically and conceptually and there’s no doubt that I’m a better artist after learning the structure of building a pop song, so that reflects on every project.

Anything new on the horizon to look forward to soon from you?

I am gonna do my best to release as much music as possible this year and already have three collabs releasing over the next few months. First one is coming February 14th and is with my friends Nicolaj Kornerup (Kwamie Liv) and Live Johansson (live strings). The track is called ‘Special Creatures’ and is a very personal song about being haunted by past trauma. I am also working on one some dope t-shirts for Sad Unicorn Recs which is my label. I’m just starting with a couple of designs but hoping to do more later on.

What excites you about bein’ a human? 🙂

I think it’s so amazing, how much you can keep learning if you keep an open mind and allow yourself to stay open. The human experience is a humbling one if you do it right.

Any parting words of wisdom you got on your mind right now? For fellow gals!

Maybe: ‘trust your inner unicorn’! By that, I mean that we all have something that makes us unique and sometimes it’s hard to trust your gut and be brave on your own behalf. We have a tendency to sell ourselves short, ’cause that is a big part of how we are raised as women and we have to choose to actively unlearn that to meet our full potential. So let’s do that!

Thanks, Kinck!


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