PREMIERE: Mendoza’s Video for “Chemicals” is a Tribute to Creatures of the Night

The latest from the Copenhagen-based queen of dystopia is a wild portrait of people, their parties and their drugs—which isn't always a good combination.

It’s no news that hard drugs make people feel invincible. Reality becomes that much more exhilarating—and when you’re doing hard drugs in some club’s bathroom on a Friday or Saturday, those feelings magnify tenfold. However, when the chemicals wear off and you sink back into your life – a life without twinkling light, bumping sound systems and other people as high as yourself – your actual reality is a disappointing contrast to how you felt on the weekend. Hard drugs are no big deal in our culture, so it’s on you to sit down and think about how drug use is affecting your life on the long term.

For many, there’s no clear answer—and that’s what Mendoza is portraying in her new video for ‘Chemicals’, an addictive pop song with powerful child-like vocals and a hook to kill.  The Copenhagen-based, dystopian pop songstress’ latest is an ode to those who come out at night. The trans men and women, the art school kids, the girls flipping their long hair, the smokers on the dance floor… you see all of them in this video, a frenetic camera jumping around to make everyone seem like queens and kings in a nightlife kingdom. It’s a portrayal of just how seductive your surroundings feel when you’re on drugs. However, as the video progresses, the camera gets more and more jittery. Things start spinning out of control, just as they do when you’re on drugs—but just a little bit. You’re the one who decides how you feel about that lack of control.

That’s exactly the feeling Mendoza was trying to capture in the video. She says:
“The video – like song – is a tribute to the environment I come from. There is a unity among the people, because we all struggle with being a part of society. We feel like aliens in a world that has long since torn its roots out of the ground. I have a love/hate relationship with drugs that has something to do with why you do them. Everyone has different intentions with them or ways to use them.”

True words, Mendoza, true words.

Catch Mendoza at Roskilde Festival on Tuesday, 28 June at 15.00.