PREMIERE: Melissa Inya’s ‘Stomp Blues’ Will Have You Stop In Your Tracks

Melissa Inya’s new track is soulful, haunting and creates a raw sophisticated atmosphere that’s hard to resist.

Melissa Inya is one of the people who have unlocked the art of being honest and vulnerable, both in communication with others but equally through her blues, soul, and jazzy sound. Back with a new track ‘Stomp Blues’ her tune is as soulful and as full of power as ever.

This single is deeply personal to Melissa, a song she sings for herself with a meaning that has been rummaging around in her soul for a many years. It’s about breaking free from restraint, escaping violent situations in life, and about the journey that follows that escape. It’s a song of strength and empowerment, a song to tell everyone who might be in hardship, that they are not alone.

The meditative repetition of the rhythm taps into the lyrical rawness and creates a track that hypnotizes from start to finish. And with her soulful and piercing vocals, it creates a raw sophisticated atmosphere that’s hard to resist.

‘Stomp Blues’ is out today and will be part of an upcoming album that’s weaved with threads of challenges, dreams, fears, hopes, and anxieties of being a single mum. If you’re curious to hear more then catch the interview we did with the talented soul for our adidas x Girls Are Awesome campaign back in the year.


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