PREMIERE: Mamalarky’s ‘How To Say’ Is Your Early-Days Love Soundtrack

How do people understand each other? Are love languages more complex than ‘regular’ ones? Mamalarky’s wants you to not overthink any of that with their new single ‘How To Say’.

Dreamy vocals, an energy like running through a flower field on a warm spring day and catchy bright melodies. That’s the cocktail that L.A. based Mamalarky serves in their new single ‘How To Say’ and in their musical landscape in general. Although it’s difficult to place the quintuple in a certain box, now might be the time to stop wanting to do that and embrace that we all perceive things differently. And that’s exactly what their new single is about.

As Mamalarky explains, ‘How To Say’ is about falling in love and not really knowing how to say it yet. How people’s experiences, of course, affect their perception of everything, including love, and how we all perceive love differently. Despite and alongside the synthy and dreamy elegance, more philosophical and complex lyrics are begging to get some attention.

In the same way that the lyrics are blunt, playful, and personal, so is the production of both single and video. Everything on this track is the first take, meaning they only recorded each part once, which results in, as Mamalarkey puts perfectly, a result that “is organic and cage-free but may contain soy and tree nuts.”

So, ‘How To Say’ centers itself around the concept of misunderstandings in communication. One could argue that none of us are ever speaking the same language because all words mean different things based on experience, but do you think that’s especially true when it comes to love?

It’s definitely true! It’s nerve-wracking in a new relationship when you’re trying to figure out how to qualify the words of someone you’re just getting to know. I think it’s key to come to a place of acceptance that everyone experiences love differently- it’s the fact that the love is there that’s important! AHHH it’s cute to think about.

All pictures by Sara Cath

The music video is giving us some fun and playful home video vibes. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

The main inspiration was zero budget, an old DV film camera, and the neighborhood we’re quarantined in. We’re lucky to be in a rural area where there’s hardly anyone around so we could explore some abandoned places without fear of running into people. A UV light was repurposed after a career of growing weed in a closet, it worked pretty well to light up some scenes. We can all make our own worlds right now, and play pretend…it’s freeing when everything is so (rightfully) restrictive otherwise. 

The track is all composed of first take pieces and home-recorded. How did it feel to create something like this? Would you do it again?

It feels RIGHT and we’d do it again a thousand times. We think that might be the favorite way to record. We approached it as a demo, but ultimately we decided we wanted to give something to our supporters during such a bleak time. There are a few parts, like at the end of the first chorus, where we were was struggling to think of lyrics on the spot. We enjoy keeping things like that in there.

Is it too meta and over-analyzing to draw parallels between the fact that the track is first take and the fact that maybe saying things as soon as they pop to mind might be the ideal way of actually dealing with love-type emotions? 

Not at all, I’m glad you drew that connection. You can hear true intention and emotion when you don’t overthink things. The best way to get to the bottom of something is not writing a script, and instead just laying it out there in the moment. Life is too precious to keep holding back, share your love with those you love <3 ! ! !

All pictures by Sara Cath

Big big thanks for Mamalarky‘s compassionate approach to humanity! As a request on their own initiative, we would like to encourage a small donation to the Coalition For The Homeless, who are aiming efforts towards providing shelter during the pandemic, as well as medical care and basic resources-like places to wash hands! Donate if you’re able, anything helps.


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