PREMIERE: Make time stop with Amy Milner’s stunning new track “Big Bad Thoughts”

We’ve got the first listen to British singer-songwriter Amy Milner’s new track “Big Bad Thoughts”

Photo: Tim Larcombe
Photo: Tim Larcombe

Tomorrow, September 2nd, we’re all gifted with the new EP Big Bad Thoughts from Suffolk-based singer and songwriter Amy Milner. But today, we have the absolute pleasure of premiering the title track “Big Bad Thoughts”.

Be prepared for goosebumps to sneak up on you when you hit play on this one. The vulnerable and yet extremely forceful way that Amy Milner uses her voice forces you to really listen closely to what she sings. And when you do, you’re instantly reminded why music is such a powerful form of expression.

“Don’t you know // You’re bigger, better than your big bad thoughts // Than your big bad thoughts,” Amy sings in the ever-so-beautiful chorus that sticks with you long after the track has ended.

Photo: Tim Larcombe
Photo: Tim Larcombe

The new EP touches upon issues of anxiety and human strength, and is produced by long-time collaborator Tim Larcombe (Lana Del Rey, Halsey). It follows a series of stunning singles and the EP Plans which resulted in heaps of praise from leading magazines as well as Elton John, who even presented her on his Rocket Hour show on Beats 1.

Amy Milner masters the vulnerability and edgy songwriting reminiscent of artists like Angel Olsen, Weyes Blood and Phoebe Bridgers, but also offers the grandiosity of dark-pop anthems from the likes of Florence + the Machine and Daughter. In other words, Amy Milner’s catalogue is a multifaceted experience, beautifully reflecting the ups and downs of the life lived.

Forget everything around you for a while, get Amy Milner’s “Big Bad Thoughts” in your headphones, and get emotionally prepared for the rest of the EP to drop tomorrow.


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