PREMIERE: Lucy Love battles herself on the bass-heavy “Tame Impala”

“Tame Impala” is the second single to be lifted off Lucy Love’s forthcoming new album ‘HAMMERHEAD’

Photo: Sara Jordan
Photo: Sara Jordan

On October 2nd, Danish DJ and rapper Lucy Love is releasing her fourth studio album Hammerhead. Following the hard-hitting, UK-influenced rap-manifestation “9 Bars” from August, we’re premiering the second single “Tame Impala” which is out everywhere today.

“Tame Impala” is a slightly softer track than “9 Bars”, though it still stays true to the iconic deep bass and heavy electronic features that have made Lucy Love a dance floor favorite since her breakthrough with “Daddy Was A DJ” in 2009.

With “Tame Impala”, Lucy Love touches upon a theme that we should probably all care more about: Our constant need to censor our emotions in order to appear less fragile. The impala is a metaphor for the fact that the impulsive and erratic should and will come out into the open:

The otherwise calm impala is under so much pressure that it tries to kill me in my sleep in order to finally break free,” Lucy Love states: “The biggest wish for the impala is to run free in the wilderness and be the magnificent animal that it’s born to be, but because it’s held captive, the only solution is for it to kill me. The wildness in us all has to be tamed, otherwise the world would be one big, chaotic mess.

Hammerhead is the first album to drop from Lucy Love in seven years. It’s both telling the story of a creature that has taught itself to follow its intuition after having experienced defeat after defeat as well as the story of Lucy Love confronting several years of losing the will to create. Stronger than ever, Lucy Love is proving with “9 Bars” and “Tame Impala”, that obstacles are here to be overcome and that her unique sound and creative take on music and storytelling has taken a whole lot of work both within the mind and the four walls of the studio.

We’ve gotten in touch with Lucy Love to learn more about her new track.

Hi Lucy! Congratulations on your smashing new single! – How long has this track been on the way? 

The song was made about half way through the album process. We’d come a long way but had still a big portion of the album’s identity left to create.

“Tame Impala” will appear on your forthcoming new album. What role does this particular track play in the overall story/concept of the album? 

My 4th album “Hammerhead” is very theatrical, and “Tame Impala” is one scene from the play. It represents the tamed and controlled that is waiting to revolt.
Every track has its own theme and agenda.

An Impala… what a specific animal! What made you think of the impala and turn to it for inspiration? 

– I was thinking about the band “Tame Impala”, who I am a big fan of by the way, and what I think the band name means in a wordy context. I found this very interesting and decided to write a song about the tame impala.

It’s been a while since we heard from you last and we know that you’ve had a period of not really feeling inspired to write new music. What happened that made you want to make music again? 

– I had the choice whether to continue or to stop making music because of the lack of support from some of our key partners, who thought Lucy Love was over. This started a fire in me and I was more sure than ever that my purpose in life was to keep on creating. 

When was the last time you followed your intuition – and what did it lead to? 

– That was when I met my boyfriend Benjamin through a dating app, and I knew that I had met my soulmate. 

What would you tell yourself if you could go back to the time where you felt less inspired to make more music?

Oh, I would say remember the young and inspired Lucy who had so much to say and do. Invoke that feeling.

Is there anything you want us to pay extra attention to when we listen to “Tame Impala”? 

Yes, the differences between the different song elements, how for instance the first part of the verse battles the second part as if there were an endless amount of internal dialogues going on.


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