PREMIERE: Liva Mo’s ‘Grief’ Is An Emotional Undercurrent

The most tragic of circumstances can sometimes lead to unexpected results.

Some days are stranger than fiction. Such was the day that inspired Liva Mo to create her debut single ‘Grief’. It’s a big value for her to allow life’s feelings to wash over her and for her to be present in all phases of life.

In an exile state on a remote island allowed her to work through the grief of losing both her Godmother and cousin’s husband while becoming an aunt all in one day. An emotional intensity of a day that sent her in a state of chock.

Liva Mo’s debut is both powerful, emotional, and sensitive. Grief is recorded many of the main tracks on her phone and chose to keep them in their original form for the release of the track. There was a certain rawness and vulnerability that came with having the hardship so close that it couldn’t be replicated in the studio later on.

The fragility of life is felt in her trembling vocals and slow-building melancholy throughout the track. As both vocals and composer for the track, it’s easy to sense the personal relationship to the track and its creation.

“I wanted to describe the grief as I experienced it. The beauty of the melancholy, the nature, the darkness. The track came to me after a month of having been in a state of shock and silence. After that, I completely fell apart one night and wrote ‘Grief’. I was a body full of emotions. That’s how I remember it at least.”

All pictures by Greta Candova

Despite the topic and an intense and deeply personal approach to creation, Liva Mo still manages to put together a track that isn’t all devout of light. Grief is best described as a musical fine line between night and day.


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