PREMIERE: Listen to FVN’s fierce tribute to the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities

Inspired by the HBO show ‘Pose’, Danish rapper FVN forces you to the dance floor with the motivational banger “Work”.

BIPOC | FVN | hip hop
FVN - Sarah Hammou

If the flawless flow isn’t enough to convince you to keep an eye out for FVN in the future, maybe the attitude is. And if the attitude still isn’t enough for ya, consider the electrifying beat or just every single word of this song. “Work”, the newest offering from Danish rapper FVN, is an ode to the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities acknowledging all the hard damn work people from these communities have to go through everyday just to be who they are. It’s a reflection of life in a society where the color of your skin, your gender or your sexuality makes you less accepted, but also an inspiration to “work with what you got,” as FVN puts it, and be the strongest version of yourself.

The track follows a series of promising single releases – from the empowering “Baddest” to the Fallulah-collaboration “Oh Ay Oh”.

FVN has since her 2019-debut “Sunkissed / Mad Ting” proved international potential, and with “Work”, FVN is once again claiming her place on the Danish hip hop scene, before she takes on the rest of the world. If you’re a fan of artists like Leikeli47, Princess Nokia and Nadia Rose, you’re spending your time right reading this article.

BIPOC | FVN | hip hop

“I just want everyone listening to this song to feel like a bad bitch period” – FVN

We had a little chat with FVN prior to the release:

Congratulations on your new smashing single! How are you going to celebrate tomorrow, when it’s officially out in the world? 

Thaaank you!! I’m finna look cute and get lit with my friends and just celebrate life!

What does this particular track mean to you? 

It means so much to me. As a Black woman in Copenhagen I know how it feels to live in a society where you aren’t always accepted or appreciated, and having some of my closest friends being both of color and homosexuals really inspired me to create a track that will make you feel yourself and really feel like THAT BITCH no matter the color, gender or sexual preference. 

“Work” is a dance-demanding banger of a hip hop track but reflects upon something very important. Can you tell more about the theme of the song and how you wanted to channel it through your music?

The song is called “Work” because you better work with what you got baby! It doesn’t matter what people think about you or feel about you cause you be working. You always feel like that bitch when you put in work. A lot of people out here be looking all types of cute. It can be your hair, nails, make up, body, job or career – you worked for it, nothing comes easy. 

When and how did the inspiration for this track come to you? 

I was inspired by so many things. I’ve always loved up-tempo music and been very fascinated with voguing, and as I was watching the tv series Pose I completely fell in love with the character Angel. She works her ass off to be this fabulous woman of colour and to be recognized as a woman, which in some funny way really inspired me to be more fabulous. And as I just mentioned I knew the struggles of some of my homosexual friends so when I heard this beat I just knew what to do.

Is there any detail in the song that you want us all to pay attention to while listening? 

Haha, where should I start. The lyrics in this song are so thought through, like nothing is there just be there. I think the change in narrator is quite interesting, I’m really trying to represent as many different people as I can. And also the freaky word play of course, lol. 

What do you hope for the listener to take away from listening to “Work”? 

GOOD VIBES! I just want everyone listening to this song to feel like a bad bitch period. 

What’s next for FVN? Seems like this is only the beginning of something very beautiful and promising!

Uhh I don’t want to spoil too much but I definitely have a lot more coming and very soon too!


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