PREMIERE: Listen close as SKAKMAT teaches the art of not giving a f*ck

We’re premiering the smashing debut single from your new hip hop crush SKAKMAT.


Are you sitting down? Great. Now prepare to fall over as you’re laying ears to the first ever single from SKAKMAT (Danish for checkmate) – the new rap duo consisting of Nadia Mimi and Josie Amadonna, who’s spent the quarantine time making magic in their Copenhagen studio while the rest of us were binging Tiger King on Netflix and perfecting our sourdough starters.

For some artists, it takes years to create a few songs, but for SKAKMAT it only took a few sessions before they had a full EP ready to blast out our speakers. Now, the first taste “Hvem Er Vi” (translates to: “Who Are We”) is out and it’s a raw, unpolished and uncensored introduction to SKAKMAT and how they practice the art of not giving a fuck.

Over a laid-back and dirty club beat, Josie Amadonna and Nadia Mimi spit bars on sex, money and “stuff we hear all the male rappers talk about,” the girls explain. “Now it’s time for Denmark to hear the female version.” And their version includes fire lines like “De har set en boss, nu ska’ de se en bitch” (“They’ve seen a boss, now they’re about to see a bitch”) and direct confessions like: “Ik tid til fuckboys, jeg vil ha’ god sex” (“No time for fuckboys, I want good sex”). Just facts, and no bullshit – an in-your-face reminder why the queen is the strongest piece on a chess board .

Do yourself a favor and dig into our Q&A with SKAKMAT as they lay out the truth…


Sentences like ‘where my hoes at’ is a normal saying in 2020. It shouldn’t be – the sentence should be ‘where all my queens at’.

Congratulations on your new (and first!!) single! How are you going to celebrate?

Thanks! We’re so excited!!!
We’re are going to have a corona-friendly party with our closest friends and family. We’re going to livestream the whole evening, so everybody can watch along and be a part of the celebration.

So, “Hvem Er Vi” is an in-your-face introduction to SKAKMAT. We’ve got a big following that doesn’t understand Danish – can you briefly sum up the essence of who you are according to the lyrics you spit on this one?

The song is about female empowerment in general. This is a presentation people can’t misunderstand. For the first time since ‘No name requested’ (A Danish rap-group 1990) you see two women standing together in the music industry in Denmark. The song is all about attitude and feeling yourself. As long as you’re with your homegirls, nothing can stop you. That’s why we started this group – because we know we’re stronger together. What we are talking about is actually very simple to explain. It’s about sex, money and stuff we hear all the male rappers talking about. Now it’s time for Denmark to hear the female version.

What’s the most important thing for you when you rap and write your rhymes?

– The most important thing is the beat. The beat sets the vibe! It’s difficult to write a good rap if you don’t feel the beat. Being with each other makes it a lot easier, because we get inspired in other things than normal. The vibe and energy are everything! Life itself is important for both of us. Experience is our inspiration, and together we have twice as much knowledge.

What sounds and influences inspired this track and your sound in general?

We have been really into trap, and hip hop lately, and female empowerment. The beat just matches our vibe. The song is actually an inspiration by an old rock icon in Denmark called Kim Larsen. He sings in one of his song “Vi er dem de andre ikke må lege med, vi er det dårlige selskab” – translated into English as, “We are the ones you can’t play with, we are the bad company.” We made that into, “Vi de bitches som du ikke må lege med,” translated to: “We’re the bitches that you can’t play with.” Soon you’ll know why!

Who’re your biggest female role models? And has it changed over time?

– It’s a mix of Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Steflon Don, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, Teyana Taylor, and a lot of other dope women. It has definitely changed over time – it came from a few old school hip hop female rappers to over a million trap female rappers. There are so many different genres in 2020 and anything can happen at the moment.

Why is it important to empower women?

It’s important because we have been under male rappers for so long. It’s time to accept that there are female rappers all over the world, and there are women out there who need to hear things said from a decidedly female perspective. Sentences like ‘where my hoes at’ is a normal saying in 2020. It shouldn’t be – the sentence should be, ‘where all my queens at’.

What expectations do you feel are put upon you as women in the hip hop environment?

That you should do everything alone, and if you don’t write your own lyrics then you’re not a ‘real’ rapper. A lot of male rappers got their lyrics written, and nobody – we said NOBODY – ever questions that. But that’s not the important thing – the important thing is the music.

What would you tell your 12-year-old selves?

  • Go do your thing, girl
  • Never stop believing in yourself
  • Don’t let anyone tell you what to do
  • Don’t be mean to other human beings – you’re not growing that way
  • Be polite, smart and specific. You’re your own master

What can we expect from SKAKMAT in the future?

A lot of badass attitude music, concerts, an EP and of course stability – we ain’t going nowhere. We want to be a platform. A platform for all types of women & genres! We have a lot of dreams with SKATMAT and we’re just started to make them come true.


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