PREMIERE: Kinck’s Music Video for ‘Twisted’ Is Lo-Fi Goodness

We spoke with this Danish goddess about bad girl realness, having a healthy sense of self and filming spontaneously in the city of angels.

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This badass Danish goddess really did it with this latest release, a saucy little number called “Twisted”. Vibe with it – it’s a hedonistic, head-bopping track that will make you want to straight up throw caution to the wind and let your realest self shine through. The unfiltered authenticity of the music video suits the bad girl energy of the track to a tee.

We spoke to Kinck about realness served on a cool lo-fi platter, having a healthy sense of self and filming spontaneously in the city of angels.

First things first, I love this whole jam! How did it become a thing?

I wrote ‘Twisted’ in London last summer with a producer named Nayla Nyassa, also known as Sillkey. It was our first time meeting and working together and we spent some time just vibing out and getting to know each other. We knew it was gonna be a special song the moment we started writing it and yeah it was done super fast. I definitely knew it was gonna be my next single as I was leaving the studio.

Was there a personal story behind the song or was it more following a general mood or feeling?

It all started with the word ‘twisted’ being stuck in my head, and I wasn’t sure what the story in the song was about until a little while into the writing process. Now, I see the lyrics as a collage of situations that collectively tells the story of me fighting self doubt – like that inner conversation you have with yourself when you know you’re putting yourself in a destructive situation. Even though you been doing your daily mantra and telling yourself that you’re a freaking queen and deserve love and peace of mind…

The production for this track is on point in creating this overall ‘bad girl’ vibe. What was your aim there?

I always try to get a good mix of genres in each song I make, cause that is where I feel most comfortable. ‘Twisted’ is a beautifully hot mess of Pop, R&B and something else I have no idea what is. I am very drawn to contrast and Sillkey nailed the mix of crazy hard drums and overall melancholy in the track to make it sexy and unique.

So what was your idea behind this awesome music video?

I wanted to get really unfiltered and honest in this video so the concept is built around my experience this last year of traveling alone to make music. I worked out the idea with the director Mark Barzz and we spoke about different ways to show themes of having a distorted self image and dealing with the loneliness of thinking you are the only one with those feelings.

I definitely get this lo-fi vibe and the overall relatable feeling going on. How did you get it to the finished product?

I think the lo-fi effect is a good way to make it feel a bit more personal and unfiltered and it was Mark’s idea to go buy an old video camera to get the authentic look. Because ‘Twisted’ is about feeling alone in your insecurities, I thought it was cool to show the side of my life that is less glamorous. I travel so much for work and feel super blessed but I’m usually super broke and hustle for it all to be possible.

I know you filmed in LA – was there a specific reason behind that for the general production? Besides that it’s way warmer than Denmark ATM?

I actually just happened to be in LA and thought it would be cool to find someone over there to make the video with me. I got Mark Barzz recommended by a friend and we worked out the idea and concept together. I honestly really wanted to avoid using the palm trees and typical LA scenery in the video so I love that we filmed it downtown at night cause it fits the song better.

How did the process go from start to finish?

The process of the video almost started when ‘twisted’ was just a word that I knew would become a song. I’m a super visual person, so with the idea of the song I already got some ideas for the vibe of the video. I try not to lock anything down until I know who is directing, ’cause I want them to have just as much creativity invested in the project.

What’s next for you in the near future? We can’t wait!

I am really excited about this year already! I am working on an EP and should have the next single out in February. I am also working on some other projects and wanna make some bigger moves with my record label Sad Unicorn. Can’t say what it’s gonna be yet, but it’s gonna be dope.

Yes, get it sis!


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