Premiere: Jasmin Deals With Trust Issues on Stunning New Single

We’re offering you an exclusive first listen to the new single “Trust Issues” by Faroese artist Jasmin.


Sometimes you feel completely lost for words, and sometimes they just come to you like a waterfall of a thousand letters. The latter is what happened to Jasmin Mote, lead singer of the rising Faroese soul-pop act Jasmin, when she was on holiday in Spain last summer. Fueled by a heartache, she wrote almost the entire song in one night and felt the therapeutic power of music.

The result is incredible. At the intersection of electronic pop, old school hip hop and soul, Jasmin is offering a minimalistic track that evolves into a bombastic outlet for all the feelings you might bear inside.

Jasmin Mote has already been praised for her vocal skills with two consecutive Faroese Music Awards for Best Female Singer, and last year the whole group took home the award for best release with their debut EP I Know It’s Over.

The talent also shines through on “Trust Issues” that marks a promising taste of the forthcoming new EP not that surprised out November 20th. On the release, Mote expresses:

It typically doesn’t go that well with your love life, if you’ve got trust issues, and you don’t believe that someone will be there forever. So you find some sort of way to ruin the relationship.

The theme of “Trust Issues” is part of a greater storyline on not that surprised:

The single kind of describes the fact that you’re actually not surprised, when bad things happen. And the EP is not just about heartache, but more in general about people that let you down – you experience different ad things and you’re just no that surprised about it.

We’ve reached out to Jasmin with a few questions. Read along here and get to know more about your potential new favorite acts and finally three “Faroese boss ladies”, that you should know about!

Hey! Congratulations on your new single! What an incredible taste of your forthcoming EP. What role does this single play on the overall storyline of the EP?

Trust Issues” is probably the most important song on the EP, because it inspired the rest of the songs. Actually, I thought about calling the EP ‘trust issues’ before I found the name “not that surprised” because everything started with that song. I felt a change after I wrote it because for the first time in a very long time, I felt as if I was being honest with myself. So this is definitely the most honest lyrics I’ve ever written and that says everything to me and my art. 

So the topic of the EP is pretty dystopic: A row of bad experiences makes you feel less surprised with disappointments, betrayals and struggles. Is there also a story of hope in the EP?

I guess the story of hope is the EP itself, if that makes any sense haha! I wanted to write about what felt like many disappointments in a short period of time in my life. I was very out of touch with myself and didn’t really know how to handle the situation or handle myself at that mental state. The way I handled it best was by making these songs and reflecting on the many questions you have, when you’re feeling very low. I wanted to write about that because I felt people could relate to the “questions”. The deeper I got into the songs the more I started to understand myself. So the EP may be very dystopian, but it’s my story of hope at the same time.

So, we don’t really know anything about the Faroese music scene other than you rock it! What is it like?

– The Faroese music scene is very special. Everyone knows each other and everyone plays with everyone. It honestly feels like a little family where everyone are very supportive of each other. I’m very thankful for having some of my closest friends also making incredible music and that I have the opportunity to work with them and that we can help each other out. I’ve learned a lot from that.

Are there any other new cool Faroese acts that we should pay attention to?

– I’m gonna recommend three Faroese boss ladies that I think are making a change in the Faroese music scene:
The first act is Tamara – she makes this really dope R&B with a ton of attitude and her voice is just mesmerizing. It’s something we don’t see a lot of in the Faroe Islands.
The second act is Dania O. Tausen – she makes this beautiful and sincere universe with the most honest lyrics and voice.
The third act is Marianna Winther – she mixes R&B, soul, blues and pop together in one and when you add her voice to it, it turns into this sexy tune that you wanna listen to over and over.


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