PREMIERE: Jam Out To Kris Ivy’s ‘Cold’

This bombastic pop ballad will wake you up like a cold shower in the middle of a desert… in the best possible way.

Ballad | Denmark | Girls Are Awesome

Ballad | Denmark | Girls Are Awesome

Romanian electro-pop babe, Kris Ivy, is back at it with a cool and cultured jam, fittingly titled “Cold”. This dazzlingly bold Copenhagen-based artist gives it her all on this track, perfectly laying out the all-too-relatable story around the complications of becoming emotionally invested in a tiring romance. A relative newcomer on the Danish music scene, this strong and emotive entrance ensures that her vibrant potential can not be overlooked.

Starting from a place of metallic resonance, her crisp yet rich pop vocal cuts through the insistent melody supported by strongly balanced production. All in all, the track is an undoubtedly catchy tune that will make you want to say “fuck it” and just dance all your feelings away.

We spoke about her musical inspiration, making the transition from Romania to Denmark and what’s up next:

I’ve just had a listen and I really like the new track! Can you tell us the story behind the track?

‘Cold’ is a song about that moment in a relationship when, after having several fights about a certain subject and still not finding a middle ground, the only thing that you can do for protecting yourself is just shutting off your emotions. Once you shut off your emotions and become ‘Cold’, you can analyze the issue from an objective point of view.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the track does seem to come across as quite cool. Maybe it’s both the production and the attitude – it has a Nordic style that feels current and that electronic edge. Was that what you were going for?

Edgy​ is the perfect word that you used to describe my style. It shows my rebelliousness and freedom from expectations. We’re going for creating a universe around this project and it’s a process that I enjoy.

So, you’re relatively new to Denmark, and you’re living in Copenhagen right? What made you decide to move and what was that transition like for you?

I’ve lived in Denmark, Copenhagen for about one and a half years and I freakin’ love it. My decision to move here was spontaneous, because I’d been visiting Copenhagen a couple of times to see my friends and I just fell in love with the city and it’s vibes. And then, when I started listening to Scandinavian music, I felt in my guts that this was the place where I should be… So, with a little boost from my supportive friends and family, I just moved.

In the beginning, the transition was quite challenging because I had to find a job, a place to live, deal with a lot of fears… fear of being disconnected from my family, friends and having to calculate every move that I was making and so on – basically, becoming an adult.

Ballad | Denmark | Girls Are Awesome
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When do you feel most inspired?

I’m inspired whenever a situation starts to become part of my thoughts and my being. I don’t believe that you need a specific place or time to be inspired, but I truly believe that it’s important to have the right people around you – those ones with whom you just click.

What about the writing process? How does that usually go?

I’m flexible when it comes to the writing process and every studio session starts in a different way because most of the time, I write with new songwriters. What comes next is that we have a listen at the label and pick up the best songs. After that, my cool producers make some magic. Now we have around 35 songs and the aim is to have 100 songs by the end of the year but we’re not gonna pressure this, because in the end it’s about the quality.

Are there any female influences, musically or otherwise, that you’re into right now?

My influences comes from different genres and from my background. The top always changes according to my mood, but right now Tove Styrke, Alessia Cara and Dua Lipa are hot for my taste and I hope I’ll get to meet them and share the stage at some point.

Where do you hope that your creativity takes you? Anything you are looking forward to in the near future?

My creativity has as much freedom as it wants. Starting with something that is great in one form but making it edible for radio and commercial audiences. This allows me to keep artist integrity, while also fueling the commercial responsibilities.

I’m looking forward to putting my singles out, and at the end of the year an EP will come for sure. Until then, I’m excited with every chance that I have to create and keep in touch with my people on social media and concerts.

What about your advice to other women or girls in the music industry?

Thank you for asking me this question. Shout out to all the women in the music industry; it’s a tough game, but now we have all the tools that we need in order to achieve what we know we’re made for. Keep the hard work and most importantly, the love for your voice and creative side alive.

Ballad | Denmark | Girls Are Awesome

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