PREMIERE: IVY’s “I.L.U.” Music Video is Hauntingly Chic

One of the first Scandinavian transgender musicians to release a music video, Ivy Rosenauer is pushing boundaries in more ways than one.

Ivy Rosenauer, also known as IVY, is a Swedish-born model, musician and transgender activist. Ivy was raised in a small town in the Swedish countryside, though her big aspirations lead her to the fashion industry,  particularly Instituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy, one of the leading fashion design schools in the world.

Onward she went, to develop her identity as a self-proclaimed “club kid” in and around the London underground scene before moving back to Scandinavia to post up in the progressive city of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was at this point, working with some of the most respected designers in the industry, that she underwent her transition journey.

We had the pleasure to feature Ivy at one of our Girls Are Talking events which you can see in full here:

The new music she has out is further declaration of who she is as a fierce and formidable human being. The song, produced by the Danish FORMANT called “I.L.U.” (I love you), follows in the avant-garde Swedish electropop vein, while the aesthetics of the visual echo a haunting sentiment of love and loss. The video is shot by photographers Netanel Sharon and Morten Bentzon on-site in Tel Aviv, Israel, adding to the inherent feeling of conflict and depth behind the surrealistic story.

Ivy herself says of the song’s message: “it’s okay to get your heart broken and still love that person. Don’t feel shame or pressure to move on quickly or have a facade up. Feel everything. It is also a message to everyone that has a hard time with finding that love and feeling good and healthy in it.” She adds “I wanted to create a heart filled message to anyone and everyone that has had their heart broken and who doesn’t dare to love or exist in this world. The lyrics mean so incredibly much to me and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.”

Her musical inspirations come from similarly boundary-pushing artists such as Peaches, Tami Tamaki, and Die Antwoord. You can find the sultry song on Apple Music or Spotify, and be sure to catch the live version at this year’s Copenhagen Pride on August 18th at Rådhuspladsen. Ivy will be one of the first trans performers ever to grace the Pride stage. Cheers to her!


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