PREMIERE: I Am Boleyn with ‘Little Longer’

Listen to the latest from Swedish artist, I Am Boleyn, a badass dance tune about the longing in holding on a littler longer.

Be sure to tune in to the latest release from Swedish singer and songwriter, I Am Boleyn: “Little Longer”, a free-flowing electronic sound speaking to the freedom of living in the present moment. Coming from a wildly successful year of 2019, I Am Boleyn is leaping forward with a fresh outlook this time around, taking a smooth and sultry approach to dance music that furthers her universe with sensual soulfulness. Her music consistently carries through the concept of presence and transcendence; through the build up and release of energy, I Am Boleyn embraces all the effortless joy in being a thinking, feeling, perceiving human being.

“Little Longer” goes on to expresses that thing: a feeling of longing in leaving past and future behind to hold on to the magic of the here and now.

“I wanted to write a song to capture the feeling of trying to hold on to a moment with someone. Knowing that something has to end soon makes it all the sweeter and sadder. I imagine that I am never going to see this person again, and so, they are perfect.”

Can you explain the inspiration behind the track “Little Longer”?
‘Little Longer’ was inspired by meeting someone and wanting the moment to last a long as possible because I knew that it had to end in the morning. They had to leave, and I knew I might not see them again. It seemed that they were perfect, because I could only have them for a few hours.

What the process was like, getting it all together?
I wrote this song in Sweden, it started with a simple melody and piano and was more of a ballad actually — and then built over time into the song that it is now.

Your favorite thing about dance – as a genre or just in general?
I have always loved to dance, music and dance are obviously inextricably linked. When I am writing my music, I hope that as well as an emotional reaction, people will have a physical response to it, too!

What about that feeling of “letting go” that you’re talking about in the song. Do you ever have regrets?
I think everyone has regrets. But mine are small ones luckily, like not seeing Amy Winehouse live and not going to a party in LA last year and I found afterwards that Mike Jagger was there. Regret serves a purpose though, to teach us something, so now I always try to see artist I love live and go to all the parties.

How are you feeling about life! What’s your vibe these days?
I feel very excited about this year, I feel good! There is a lot of worry about in the world, but also a lot to be inspired by. I am an optimist and so my vibe is generally hopeful for the future.

Finally, what’s up next for you?
Next my EP comes out in June, which I am so happy about! And I will have more gigs in the summer.

Awesome – you the baddest.


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