PREMIERE: How To Be Kind To Yourself With Hedaras ‘Sad Girl Syndrome’

Alt-pop artist Hedara is back with a single, that’ll inspire you to send a love letter to the most important person: yourself.

Hedara has with excellent timing tapped into the duality of the 2020 mood with the new single ‘Sad Girl Syndrome’. The alt-pop track from talented singer and songwriter is raw, honest, uplifting, and melancholic all at once and it flows through emotionally charged bursts, not unlike the EP it belongs to. The lyrical layer adds to the complexity and darkness to an otherwise uplifting piece of synth-pop.

Passion and matters of the heart are at the forefront with the artist, as it seems to be the case for people who’ve been through some jarring things in life. And perhaps it was these personal growth moments that made the singer turn even further inwards and create a track that can best be described as a love letter to oneself. Or as Hedara puts it:

“I usually write songs about other people, but Sad Girl Syndrome was written for me. A love letter, if you will, to myself, as a reminder that we all have flaws, we all make mistakes but as long as we learn, we grow, and that’s a reason to always love yourself.”

Similar to previous track ‘Numb’, Hedara taps into her trademark pop-ballad-with-a-twist-style, letting the passionate vocals lure you into the vulnerable and honest tapestry of her lived experience.

Stay tuned for more from this explosive artist – check out more on Spotify and catch her upcoming EP later this year!


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