PREMIERE: Hedara’s ‘Numb’ Is Emotional AF

Catch the latest from London up-and-comer, Hedara: an unapologetic ode to feeling the feels.

feelings | Girls | Girls Are Awesome

feelings | Girls | Girls Are Awesome

Get in the feels and grab a good listen to the latest from Hedara: an emotional and relatable story that hits a sweet spot between vulnerable, honest and strong. In this single off her forthcoming EP, London-based singer and songwriter Hedara reveals her deepest truths with a piano-centric style that lays out the narrative of love and longing in a succinct yet sprawling manner. The passion behind her voice is what allows the track to thrive, capturing a cohesive picture of her own experience.

In bare bones, “Numb” is an ode to the classic pop ballad with a slightly more modern twist. Allow the heartfelt swell of the chorus to take you on a journey through the emotional world of Hedara, which resonates with the age-old feeling of true heartache. In her own words, “‘Numb’ is probably the most honest song I’ve written. I wrote it when I was going through a tough time, and although people were around to support me, I was also being told how to feel. I was feeling everything but being made to feel nothing at all”. The duality of this sentiment comes through in the rawness of the melody, expressive lyrics and Hedara’s strong vocals.

Stay tuned for more from this impassioned artist – pre-save the track on Spotify and catch her forthcoming EP later this year!

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