PREMIERE: Hear Novaa’s Ethereally Grounded Track ‘Alien’

Novaa’s latest release, ‘Alien’, is a flowy track about all the intimacy and alienation of being a human.

A Girls Are Awesome favorite, ever-ethereal Berlin-based artist Novaa is back with “Alien”: a heartfelt song that speaks to the underlying and somewhat pervasive feeling of being lost on Earth in accordance with conventional reality. The single is taken off her forthcoming album, The Futurist, due out this Spring, from which there are already several releases hinting at the precise yet free-flowing brush strokes of Novaa’s inimitable indie soul landscape. Similar to futuristic singles like “Drones” and “Elon”, the follow up, “Alien”, is a perfect example of this Universal gem’s natural capacity to tackle seemingly far-off concepts, making them accessible and relatable.

With regards to this particular song, Novaa says:

“’Alien’ is light and heavy, heals and hurts, is very me but also everyone. Whatever you find in it for yourself, I hope it makes you feel safe and home […] I wrote this song about four years ago when I was at university. It saved me in a time when I felt alien and not compatible with human life. Even in times when there seems to be nobody, no future, no nothing, you are not alone I promise.”

The accompanying music video is a depiction that accurately and intimately captures the natural process of embracing space: moments spent in one’s own company — passing time reflecting on a celestial perspective on Earthly existence.

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