PREMIERE: Get restless with Linéa and her gorgeous new single

The second release, “What We Did In My Head”, from Danish-Swedish artist Linéa feels like a long warm hug in a sunny afternoon. 


When Linéa started writing what was to become her second single following the dreamy debut indie gem “You & I”, she wanted to capture nostalgia, happiness, sentimentality and carefreeness all in one track. The result is an indie-soul hymn ready to take the lead as the new soundtrack of your late summer nights. In an organic and almost-acoustic soundscape painted with horn arrangements, a playful and delicate sense of detail, Linéa’s crystal clear vocal and smooth harmonies, the artist draws her listeners into an emotional universe, where you wanna stay for just one more night before reality kicks in.

“I knew from the beginning that I wanted to try and capture this kind of sentimental blue summer night vibe and even though we changed a lot from start to finish I’m so glad that we stuck with that emotional happy-sad mood of the track. It’s also very exciting to release something that’s quite different from “You & I” all the while still being very focused on maintaining the overall vision for the project,” she explains of the song. 

Linéa is the artistic alias of Danish-born, Sweden-based, multiinstrumentalist, singer and songwriter Johanna Linnea Jakobsson. After having spent the past years making a name on the Danish and Swedish jazz scene, Jakobsson started working with English-American producer and composer Claire Courchene who also helped giving life to Linéas debut-single. Together, their aim was to create a timeless sound which also shines through in “What We Did In My Head”. On the inspiration of the track, Jakobsson further explains:

“If I have to describe the sound in terms of references, the foundation of “What we did in my head” is probably some sort of classic singer-songwriter pop/soul – for instance I’m very into the writing of artists like John Mayer, Rhye, Lianne La Havas etc. – but then we’ve mixed it up with some horn arrangements that I think is more in the style of acts like D’angelo and Quadron, so I’d actually say that the result is pretty much just a big gorgeous mix of a bunch of musical styles and sounds that I love!” 

While vacation has come to an end for a lot of us, summer is still here, and if you’re hungry for one final escape from everything reminiscent of responsibilities, you should get “What We Did In My Head” on your speakers and dance in denial.

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