PREMIERE: ‘Drip Like Honey’ From Kinck Is Badass Vibes

Tune in to the latest single from half-Senegalese Danish artist, Kinck: a steezy trap-inspired tune with the juice.

Trippy “IT” girl and Senegalese-Danish artist, Kinck, is back with a bold and sexy tune that will empower you to conquer the world in your own signature style. Thus far, 2019 has been juicy for Kinck, with singles like “Hunger Pains” and “Kitty Got Claws” reinforcing the bad-girl title claimed by “Twisted” and “Blind Spot”, from last year. Working with the same slightly sinister and unapologetically female energy, “Drip Like Honey” harnesses her epic personal daydreams in a satisfying trip-hop tune.

Kinck’s personality in this song is palpable, reigning strongly in the melody, lyrics and her signature vocals. Regarding the message of the song, Kinck says:

“’Drip’ is all about confidence and feeling good in your own skin. I usually write sad songs, though I’m a pretty positive and goofy person. I remember seeing this kid on my way to the studio, who had a mad hard swag that humbled and inspired me. It made me think about how much the way we carry ourselves determines how the world receives us and the power that holds.”

Hats off to the homie Kinck saw in Denmark that day, for allowing this song to come to fruition. Whether you’re tuning in to turn up, turn on or for a confidence boost, get a magical dose of realness with this tasty track.


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