PREMIERE: Da Chick Wants You To Get Up and ‘do your thang’

The newest release from this Lisbon-based, low-key-very-funky artist is an ode to getting TF up, and doing the damn thing.

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Tune in! The latest release from ultra-cool Lisbon-based artist Da Chick is a perfectly lo-fi, laid-back groove that will inspire you to get the F up and go follow your dreams. “do your thang”, a simple yet profound message we probably all need to hear once in a while, stands strongly on its own two feet while also pointing to the new new from Da Chick’s interesting POV. Her decidedly genreless groove is constantly evolving with her unique vision, now flowing towards a more groovy yet low-key sentimentality. “do your thang” follows “conversations / watch me go” from earlier this year and flows smoothly on, harkening her upcoming album, conversations with the beat due 2020 via Discotexas. Da Chick describes the process behind the track:

“I was laying down in my bed on a random afternoon, questioning my life, my routine, and why was I taking so much time thinking about it instead of doing something. So I literally stood up and start singing ‘you gotta do your thang… so get up!’ It’s an intervention song to myself, it’s my inner motivation voice that sometimes yells at me and keeps me active. It’s a song about how important it is to just do you, try you.”

Cheers to this authentic babe, may she rise and shine on, encouraging us all to do the same.


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