PREMIERE: ‘Crave Easy’ Is A Nostalgic Daydream From Candy Says

Grab a listen to this grungy indie-rock throwback from the understated British electro-pop band, Candy Says.

Candy Says is a dreamy indie rock outfit from Oxford, England, which combines the talents of Julia and Ben from the 00s-born garage-rock band, Little Fish, and dishes out 90s rebel vibes by the minute. Their latest release, “Crave Easy”, blends nostalgic synths of retro electro-pop with the “you tell ’em, sis” vocals of guitarist, singer and songwriter, Julia Walker. The track is from their forthcoming EP: You Are Beautiful, We Are All Beautiful, due out June 7th via Beanie Tapes. Tune in!

As fas as Julia is concerned, life is best navigated when you’re living in the feels:

“There are two types of people in the world; those that function on their thoughts, on logic and manage to make sense of everything and then there are those that feel everything first – feelings people. For me, logic doesn’t work when it comes to writing songs or making art because I follow my gut, my feelings. ‘Crave Easy’ is just this – it is me trying to make sense of everything and communicate it, but through feeling. I’m staying in the feelings world because that’s who I am and that’s what I have, so here’s me trusting that process and communicating it. It can be pretty confusing but I guess what I’m saying is that I’m okay with that, trusting my feelings, feeling the chaos and staying with it. That’s what art is and that’s what ‘Crave Easy’ is”.

Shoutout to these beauties for making feelings into music.


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