PREMIERE: Catch The ‘Baddest’ Music Video From FVN

Up-and-coming Danish rapper kween, FVN is back with a music video that will make you unleash your inner baddass.

Yes, you heard right – badass up-and-coming Danish rapper, FVN, has released a new single that will have you connecting with your inner rebel in no time at all, with unapologetic female energy for days. After claiming her space on the scene earlier this year with tasty tracks, “Sunkissed” and “Mad Ting”, FVN has made a name for herself as 100% that bitch in the Danish music industry, and has already collaborated with fellow Danish artist, Falullah, on the deliciously innovative whimsy that is “Oh Ay Oh feat. FVN”. Most recently, the bold and boisterous tune, “Baddest”, is accompanied by a music video that supports the now-signature FVN vibe.

The official music video for “Baddest” is a Dose Sampu production, filmed and edited by DJ John Vincent and directed by Maria Paulina. Taking inspirations from juicy female rappers like Missy Elliot and Lil Kim, the attitude in the music video is the “Baddest” indeed. Shot to shot, the dynamic, seemingly both hi-fi and lo-fi visual captures the mood and overall empowering vibes FVN has to offer, with just the right amount of edge. FVN’s realness shines through and brings the entire production to life; the video is filmed in the projects of South Copenhagen where FVN was born and raised, as well as at Danish fashion agency, RIOTS STUDIO.

When it comes to the message of the song, she boldly responds to negative criticism in and around the music scene. At the end of the day, “Baddest” is an IRL declaration of FVN’s own queendom as an artist and creator. Take a leaf from her book – take up space goddammit and celebrate your autonomy as the freakin’ goddess that you are!


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