PREMIERE: Catch Fallulah’s Intimate ‘Oh Ay Oh (feat. FVN)’ Music Video

Check out the latest from Fallulah, an intimate visual accompaniment to her dynamic new single, ‘Oh Ay Oh (feat. FVN)’.

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Updated November 12, 2019

Tune in! Danish-Romanian pop/soul queen Fallulah is back with a music video for the dynamic and enchanting single, “Oh Ay Oh (feat. FVN)”. Coming from a year of formidable treasures, with All My Eyes Are Open, Pt. I anchoring pure magnetic energy from tracks like “Bloodline” and “Dysfunctional”, Fallulah continues her intimate yet expansive vibe with a full-bodied traipse through human emotions. The heartfelt track is an eclectic mix of influences that defies genre and relaxes into its own universe, created by Fallulah herself. The music video adds an interesting dynamic to the production, letting the viewer get up-close-and-personal through a behind the scenes look at a live performance.

Watch the magically realistic music video below and catch our full conversation with Fallulah, where we talk about the inspiration behind her latest release, the concept for the music video and what makes performing so special.

Filmed by Vanessa Joy Hobbs & Emma Ishøy; Edited by Emma Ishøy

First off, what was the inspiration behind the song “Oh Ay Oh (feat. FVN)”?

I wanted to write a really light sexy summer tune, that you can put on year round and really reminisce on the beautiful long summer nights, road trips, laughing with friends, summer flings… It reminds me of youth and how it’s important to celebrate those golden little moments.

How did this awesome song come together?

Writing music has always been a really solitary process for me. I had a hard time letting people in, but I’ve turned a new leaf and really wanted to open up on this song. So this contains my first feature ever, FVN, who is this amazing new rapper who reached out to me via my curated Hej Søster Playlist. I just loved her and invited her on right away.

Apart from FVN, I made an open invitation to come sing and play on my track on Musikbevægelsen af 2019’s Facebook (an FB-community for females in the music industry). It resulted in six awesome female musicians dropping by the studio to do background vocals and lots of little cool percussion stuff. It was a great time.

What was the concept for the music video to go along with it?

I really wanted to capture the true essence of what goes into a live performance, so it was awesome to have the video team there as a fly on the wall leading up to the final show on my tour. We show it all: us showing up makeup free, getting ready, little private moments backstage and then of course the performance in front of an energetic full crowd. I want the viewer to feel like they are right there with us.

Do you enjoy live performance? What’s the secret to your amazing stage skills?

I love performing live. It’s such a different skill than writing songs and being in the studio as a producer and artist. It feels like a place where you can really connect with others and let all my wild energy out. My goal is always to help people forget themselves and just be in the moment, dancing, taking in the music.

Did you always want to be a performer? How did that come up?

My parents would say YES. I was a performer since forever. I drove everyone absolutely crazy. They never really encouraged me or praised me, so I kept chasing that moment that would make them go ‘WOW. You’re a genius’, haha. Both my parents were Balkan folk dancers, so I grew up around Balkan music and lots of performing, so I guess it’s not a complete surprise I turned out this way.

Do you ever have times when you feel creatively blocked? If so, how do you handle those situations?

Yep. I’ve been an artist for a living for over ten years and I now know that it’s part of the creative process. You cannot always bring it 100%, you need those times of ebb and flow.

I don’t ever want to write unless I have something to say, that’s just painful for myself and people having to listen to what I make. So I sort of lean into whenever I don’t feel super inspired, knowing it will come back. The gold is worth waiting for. But I freaked out the first couple of times it happened. Go read books, watch movies, travel, do something new to get out of that headspace.

Any parting words of wisdom, to fellow female musicians, creatives, or women in general?

For me, comparison is the thief of joy. Both as an artist and as a woman. We are not here to do the same thing. The special things that make you unique are exactly what you were gifted with, so don’t be scared to do something in a new way that feels true to you. If you feel anxious about something you want to create, wear or put out in the world that’s a sign you are doing it right. Everyone I find inspiring has contributed to the world by standing out. Even if it wasn’t easy at the time.

What’s next for you?

Now my tour is done, it’s all about finishing up my new EP. I am about halfway done. It will be out in February. I also wrote music for a big new danish TV show that premieres early next year, which I’m so excited about. Oh – and I’m having identical twins in the spring.

That’s amazing!! Thx Fallulah 🙂

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