PREMIERE: Catch Aureola’s Moving Live Session

Her powerful vocals carry through an important message about personal growth and overcoming obstacles.

Danish | female | Girls Are Awesome
Danish | female | Girls Are Awesome
Photo by Emilia Staugaard

Tune in! Copenhagen-based singer and songwriter, Aureola, is back at it with a heart-wrenching sentiment to sing away all your worries. This ethereal Danish butterfly combines the hypnotic charm of Nordic influences with an other-worldly yet grounded sensibility which will sweep you right off your feet. Catch her latest single, “Far Away”, performed live to perfection in this emotional session at MillFactory Studios in Copenhagen. 

Aureola herself says of the song:

I wrote “Far Away” as a means to remind myself that even though the hardships of the past sometimes hauntingly come back in my mind, they are of the past and thus far away. I wanted to describe the feeling of everything evaporating around you, and the song is both about trying to navigate this airy resolution of reality and taking a breath to bring back a sense of comfort and grounding. I think it’s good to bring darkness into light, and that’s exactly what I’ve strived to do with “Far Away”.

As of now, she’s in the studio working on an EP which is set to be released in the Spring of 2019, so keep your eyes and ears out for this one and don’t forget to always keep moving forward.

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