PREMIERE: “Bird” from Chika Dole is the smoothest piece of music you’ll hear all day

Lose yourself to Chika Dole’s beautiful portrait of the fragility of relationships.

Photo: Philip Syse
Photo: Philip Syse

It’s hard not to get carried away by the sound of Chika Dole‘s new single “Bird”, the first of three songs from the artist to keep us warm this coming fall. The lyrics reflect on the fragility of relationships, how they can change overnight, and suddenly cease to resemble what you first thought they were.

Instead of sticking with fixed rules about classic song structures, “Bird” sees a rather minimalist intro slowly being built up with a soft-as-silk saxophone introducing the theme of the song. A warm R&B-inspired production sets in as Chika Dole prepares to let her beautiful voice fulfill the soundscape. There’s no real chorus and no climax; just a story about three people, love and pain painted with sounds, where Dole’s voice becomes an instrument similar to the saxophone, the strings and the smooth, laid-back production. On “Bird”, Chika Dole explains:

“This song is a pride and joy of mine, as it takes on dating, relationships, 3rd parties and love. I also wrote this my first year in London. You may read into that. This song sounds very adult, neo-soul for us who are grown, because the experience that inspired me and taught me things that made me grow up.”

The Norwegian-Nigerian artist draws inspiration from both her Scandinavian and African heritage, when she creates her soulful and soft pieces. Having been into music since childhood, Chika has experimented with everything from traditional jazz to melodic metal, before assuming her rightful place in the neo-soul universe.

“Bird” is a sweet taste of the new releases to follow in the coming three months – and if you didn’t know about the rising artist before, this is the perfect start to a beautiful, musical friendship.


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