PREMIERE: Bantug’s New EP “Red” Is Layered Pop Emotion

The album feels like falling asleep in 2018 and waking up somewhere in the colorfully synth-laden world of the 1980s.

Amanda Bantug is back to deliver all of the feels once again with her latest colorful EP, this time fittingly titled Red. The release comes one year after a similarly synthy and delicious debut album, Blue, which introduced Bantug as the creative and cultivated synthpop phenomenon that she remains to this day.

Bantug was born and raised in a small suburb of Atlanta, Georgia to a musical family; she grew up playing instruments and was ten years old when she first tried her hand at songwriting. It came as no surprise when she moved to the ubiquitously musical town of Nashville to attend an accelerated music program after graduating high school.

She’s come a long way since then; drawing inspiration from her creative environment and her own relationships, she’s produced two EPs that show her growth as an artist and as a person. Bantug says of the album, “I’ve been learning so much about my writing process and generally just about myself while I was writing this record. ‘Red’ has some songs that are very observant about people’s flaws, yet at the same time, I’m calling myself out too.”

In the album you’ll find songs that perfectly reflect all the feelings you’ve had but didn’t know how to express about love and life in general. The familiar feeling of nostalgia and longing that was laid out in Blue is furthered in Red, relying on her signature synth layering, epic guitar riffs, and of course her soft and feathery vocals to lull you into her anthemic world of romance.

Stay tuned for more from this indietronica goddess.


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