PREMIERE: Aureola’s “Love Me Any Way You Like” Music Video = Epic Feminine Energy

The video is directed by women and features womanhood and female friendship in an empowering context.

Copenhagen-based unconventional up-and-comer Aureola has released a pensive yet empowering piece of art to accompany her raw and soulful debut single “Love Me Any Way You Like”, which was completely self-produced and released independently via Spotify last month. This first taste of sultry, electro-soul musicianship is a bold entry for Aureola, who at only twenty-three years of age has captured the universality of heartbreak and consequently how to mend it with a powerful visual companion.

The song itself is somewhat abstract and ethereal, conveying the struggle of loss and heartbreak through slow insistent melodies, gentle vocals and brutally/beautifully honest lyrics. Meanwhile, the visual remains a powerful portrayal of femininity and female friendship in the wake of individual hardship. The combination of these two seemingly contradictory elements results in an extremely authentic and compelling point of view.

Aureola herself said of the video: “I wanted to create a light atmosphere and aesthetic for the music video, as a contrast to the song, which is about some of the darker aspects of falling in love and losing yourself in it. I got to thinking about how, when obsessing over a crush, it’s rarely the person themselves hearing about it, but rather your friends. That’s why it was important to me to show a feminine community of women standing strong together and individually, which is what I know friendships to be like in my own life.”

This transcendence beyond hardship and respite from the intrusiveness of self-doubt when it comes to romantic relationships is a refreshing take on heartbreak and an experience we have all had. Who doesn’t turn to their female friends when they’re experiencing these lovesick moments? The music video is also empowering on another level; the fact that the video is directed by two women, Natalia Alexandra Szwebs and Thea Hviid Ødbehr, and features only women is yet another beautiful aspect to the production as a whole.

We’ll be waiting to hear more from this soulful Danish goddess in the near future — be sure to catch her at Huset i Magstræde on April 12th if you’re in Copenhagen!


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