PREMIERE: ‘AI Am In Love’ From Novaa Is A Futuristic Love Song

Check out the latest from Berlin-based artist, Novaa, a dreamy electronic tune about falling in love and artificial intelligence.

AI | artificial intelligence | Berlin

AI | artificial intelligence | Berlin

Taken from her forthcoming album, The Futurist, due out next year, Berlin-based experimental pop artist Novaa is back with “AI Am In Love”, a futuristic and ethereal track about the wonders of technology. “It’s about falling in love with an artificial intelligence”, Novaa says. “It is an idea that’s been explored in various sci-fi films and after all, it’s happened to all of us already, to some extent.” In the metallic and glittery yet soft song, she brags about her love interest, a really cool, charming, (artificially) intelligent significant other who always – always – has her back.

The music video matches her measured sense of surety with a visual that portrays an infatuation with human expression and perfection. Recalling super-human personality David Bowie, the unique “Make Up Tutorial Against Facial Recognition” is written, directed and starring Novaa herself in a macrocosm of both Novaa’s irresistible imagination and the realist perspective of modernity. As for her forthcoming album, The Futurist, there will perhaps be even more exploration on this front: “So many technologies influence us profoundly, but they are barely discussed in the public.” She says, “I wanted to break down really complicated matters into something more understandable and emotional. I don’t want [the songs] to evaluate the ideas expressed in them – they are neutral. Just a starting point.”

Remember to keep your eyes and ears out for more from this effortlessly boundary-pushing artist.

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