Photos by Sonia Ziegler

Tune in, one and all, to the latest episode from our live Roskilde Festival series of Talking Tunes! The famed Talking Tunes podcast is a smashing music program where our lovely host Vakle and many inspiring female musicians chat about their experiences in the music industry as well as the rich creative process around one song in particular. Our most recent episode is the third out of four Roskilde Festival special episodes and is centered around Danish singer, songwriter and badass pedal-player, ZAAR.

Our Girls Are Awesome crew had the opportunity to take a break from the madness to sit down with this multi-talented artist, just a few days after her very first time playing at Roskilde Festival. Pouring rain and cold Danish weather notwithstanding, meet us at our cozy outdoor conversation, chatting about everything from writing alone versus with bandmates, creating the right physical environment to be creative, how to sing through guitar pedals and a whole lot more. The song in question is a melancholic trip hop tune called “For A While”, released last year via Red Vase Records. Tune in!