Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ with Sasami

The latest episode of Talking Tunes features Sasami, a talented multi-instrumentalist from the US who gets nerdy on analog vs digital recording and different techniques for learning instruments.

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Welcome to Talking Tunes by Girls Are Awesome where we deconstruct female music artists and the processes around one specific song. Talking Tunes is hosted by producer and songwriter Vakle.

This episode is centered around American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Sasami, who dives into the making of her new self-titled album. Get ready to get geeky on 16-track tape recording, hardware vs. software recording techniques, the best way to learn a new instrument and a lot more! We caught her while she’s busy on tour around Europe, just before playing a show in Copenhagen.

The song in focus is called “Callous”, a guitar extravaganza of a song and the first single from her album. Tune in!

Girls Are Awesome is a media platform and brand dedicated to increasing and redefining female representation.  


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