Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ with Nelson Can

Hear the Danish Rock trio talk about the birth of their tune Downtown live from Roskilde Festival.

chat | Girls Are Awesome

chat | Girls Are Awesome

Welcome to Talking Tunes by Girls Are Awesome where we deconstruct female music artists and the processes around one specific song. Talking Tunes is hosted by producer and songwriter Vakle.

In this episode we’re talking to Maria, Signe and Selina who form the Danish band Nelson Can. They give us a tour of the writing and recording process of their song Downtown.  Nelson Can is a rock trio who primarily uses drums, bass and vocal in their music. In this podcast we’re talking about their experience at Roskilde Festival, going to the studio “unprepared” and some of their favourite gear and workflows.

Find them at www.facebook.com/nelsoncanband

People and gear they mention in the podcast:
– Noah Rosanes noahrosanes.com
– Peavey Classic 30 amp
– Istanbul Agop

Girls Are Awesome is a media platform and brand dedicated to increasing and redefining female representation.

Find us at girlsareawesome.com or instagram.com/girlsareawesome
Vakle can be found on instagram.com/vakle_music

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