In case you haven’t heard, Talking Tunes is a lovely podcast where we talk about music with talented female artists in the industry. Our latest episode was recorded live at Roskilde Festival and features Kiran Gandhi, AKA Madame Gandhi, the badass drummer, singer, songwriter and activist. You might know her as the pioneer who ran the London Marathon free-bleeding to raise awareness to the stigma of menstruation around the world. She has also toured with artists like MIA, TV On The Radio, Lizzo and Kehlani. Beyond breaking from the tradition of percussionists being predominantly male, in an industry that has been historically “sketchy” when it comes to women (to put it lightly), her passionate, largely self-produced music talks about themes of Fourth Wave Feminism and gender equality.

This episode of our Talking Tunes podcast zeroes in on Madame Gandhi’s original track “Top Knot Turn Up”, a bold femme-positive anthem released last year that’ll give you chills. The song is about that feeling of satisfaction when you tie your hair back because you’re about to do something epic. It’s actually inspired by Brazilian Trap, which is ironic, given the at-times borderline misogynistic nature of the music, generally speaking… That being said, Gandhi sets out to use the musical cues of the genre to write a strong feminist song, in collaboration with the talented Brazilian artist, Ruxell.

Tune in to hear an in-depth discussion of the song, Madame Gandhi’s musical career and how she battles prejudice in her everyday life.