Podcast: Talking Tunes with Lydmor

Here’s a throwback to the fourth and final installment of our Roskilde Festival special edition of the Talking Tunes podcast, featuring mega-talented Danish artist and producer, Lydmor.

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Welcome, one and all, to the Talking Tunes podcast! This is a creative and inclusive space where we deconstruct music along with the artists themselves and particularly the processes around one specific song. These lighthearted yet insightful conversations are perfect for listening to actively or in the background of other tasks as you go about your day – in any case, spend some time with us! Each and every episode is hosted by producer and songwriter, Vakle, whose music knowledge leads the discussion to an in-depth yet still accessible trajectory, leaving room for both the music-passionate, passing fans and everyone in between to enjoy.

This particular episode is the fourth and final Roskilde Festival special episode featuring the lovely and talented Danish singer, songwriter, producer, and absolutely amazing live performer, Lydmor. Our team at Girls Are Awesome caught her in a spare moment the day after her show at the festival – backstage village in the rain, chilly to death but ready to “spill the tea”. In this installment of Talking Tunes we chat about her time in Shanghai, using Justin Bieber as reference track for mixing and the handiest details for vocal processing, how panning and effects on the master are super powerful and a lot more! The song in question is called “Shanghai Roar” off of her 2018 album, “I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story“. Tune in!

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