Photos by Stinna Skivergaard

Get caught up with the latest from our in-depth music podcast, Talking Tunes, where we feature some amazingly talented artists to talk about their artistic endeavors alongside Danish producer and songwriter, Vakle. The most recent installment is the first of four Roskilde Festival special episodes and is centered around Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer, Lil Halima. Continuing a fruitful parade of impressively on-point releases, this year marks her first Roskilde Festival appearance and just one stop on her European tour this summer.

We caught Lil Halima just hours before her show at the festival and had a cozy chat together while sitting backstage in the baking hot sun. In this episode, you’ll hear her talk about layering, being productive with vocal recording and some specific insights on how to pan elements in the song “Fire Doves”, co-produced with Swedish producer, Gustav Nyström. The uplifting yet moody track is from her sophomore EP, for the dark days, released earlier this year.

Tune in!