Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ with Coco O

Hear the Danish soul singer/songwriter talk in detail about the creation of her song "1000 Times" after breaking off from Quadron on a solo career.

Talking Tunes by Girls Are Awesome is a music podcast where we chat with female artists, deconstructing the songwriting and production processes around one specific song. This episode is hosted by producer and songwriter Vakle. Vakle can be found on instagram.com/vakle_music.
Photos by Nikolaj Rohde

In this talk with Coco, we hear about the birth of her solo career after making the split from long-time partner Robin Hannibal and their hugely successful group Quadron. She talks about the challenges she went through in creating her own sound, and after suffering crippling self-doubt, making the discovery that yes, fuck it!, she was good enough on her own (as we already knew), her single, “1000 times”, proves her right.

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