PLAYLIST: Here’s the best new music – feat. Tune-Yards, Jada, First Aid Kit, Hope Tala and more

Thirsty for some new music? We’ve created a playlist with the week’s best new releases, and it’s here for you whenever you need inspiration.

Jada: Universal Music
Jada: universal Music

Getting hyped for a new week can be tough, right? Well, we think so – and that’s why we’ve curated a whole new playlist with handpicked musical goodies to power you through your Monday and beyond. We’re calling it the ‘Best New Music Playlist’ and the name says it all.

So without further ado, here are 10 new tracks that we’re digging at the moment. Listen to the full playlist below.

Tune-Yards – “nowhere, man”

There’s some of the same raw power in “nowhere, man” from Tune-Yards – as in, the killer Beyonce x Jack White collab “Don’t Hurt Yourself”. The chaotic instrumental background and the distorted vocals hit you right where they should. Name a better way to kick-off your week!

Jada – “On Me”

Jada is one of the most adored and anticipated new artists to come out of Denmark, and “On Me” shows exactly why! Jada’s sound is 100% pop perfection like the kind we got from the 90’s/early 00’s R&B-infused pop era with acts like TLC, Destiny’s Child and Brandy. Delivered with Jada’s bulletproof voice and dreamy harmonies it’s another banger from the rising star.

First Aid Kit – “Come Give Me Love”

The always amazing Swedish folk-sisters First Aid Kit are back with a stunning interpretation of Ted Gärdestad’s song from 1973. Despite its title, the track was originally written in Swedish, but the sisters of First Aid Kit have chosen to also make an English version. It sends shivers down the spine right from the beginning and the goosebumps continue all the way through.

Nubiyan Twist – “Tittle Tattle” (feat. CHERISE)

One of the UK’s most exciting orchestras Nubiyan Twist create euphoric Afrobeat-Jazz in collaboration with talented African musicians and some of the strongest vocalists in the UK. The brilliant, award-winning singer CHERISE is one of them, and she’s absolutely nailing it on this captivating and ecstatic firecracker of a track!

Riva Taylor – “If I Could Ever Stop Loving You”

This is an overwhelming song, where the drama of the title matches the drama of the soundscape perfectly. Every aspiring pop songwriter should take a close listen to Riva Taylor‘s “If I Could Ever Stop Loving You” which offers the recipe of the perfect pop song! It’s not often you come across track as timeless as this, so just enjoy!

Hope Tala – “All My Girls Like To Fight”

The sound of this incredible new song from West London-based singer and songwriter Hope Tala is quite minimalistic and yet so dramatic with a playful bass, a Bossa Nova-ish acoustic guitar and classical strings. When she sings, it’s amazing, and when she raps her way through the second verse, it’s… yeah, just unreal. The first song from Hope Tala in 2020 is an unavoidable release of the year!

Birdy – “Island Lights”

Alright, this goes straight into the tear ducts. Birdy‘s voice cuts right to the core when it cries the lyrics of her new single “Island Lights”. The English singer, songwriter and musician is releasing a new album early next year and if it’s anything like this, then we’re in for a serious and heartbreaking treat.

Shay Lia – “Irrational”

The Djiboutian-Canadian artist Shanice Dileita Mohamed aka Shay Lia has got her hands in the immortal Junior Senior-track “Move Your Feet” and it lays the foundation of this R&B and soul-infused gem, that still makes you want to move your feet. The track is out as part of Shay Lia’s new EP Solaris. Do yourself a favor and make your way through the whole thing!

Bree Runway – “Little Nokia”

London’s rising new star Bree Runway proves her massive talent on the smashing new “Little Nokia”. In a hard-hitting mix of pop, trap, rock and rap the Hackney-native is taking us through her kaleidoscopic musical universe leaving us equal parts breathless and hungry for more.

Eilis Frawley – “Darkest Truth”

This is probably the most alternative piece of music you’ll hear all day, and definitely also the most important! Over a dark, pulsating beat, Eilis Frawley tells the story of every girl’s worst nightmare: “This is my darkest truth,” she says. “A few years back, I woke up confused and unaware of my surroundings // I look down, completely naked, my inner thighs are covered in blood,” she continues. “Darkest Truth” is an incredible strong and brave piece of art. Thank you Eilis!

Check out the visuals for “Darkest Truth” here.

Also Added

There’s so much good music right now, so we’ve got a few more treats for you. Also added to the playlist are:

Zara Larsson – WOW (Remix) [feat. Sabrina Carpenter)
Sia – “Courage to Change”
Margot – “Slow Down”
Jane – “NLT (What Erykah Said)”
FILIPPA – “Just One Night”
Lyonne – “Goodbye”
Amanda Rakel – “Wine Stained Lips”
june – A Little Messed Up
VÉRITÉ – “I’ll Take The Blame”
Takykardia – “Sometimes My Best Firend Ghosts Me”


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