PLAYLIST: Here’s the Best New Music – Feat. Tash Sultana, Tierra Whack, Queen Naija, Empress Of and more

Thirsty for some new music? We’ve created a playlist with the week’s best new releases, and it’s here for you whenever you need inspiration.

Tierra Whack: UMG
Tierra Whack: UMG

There are lots of reasons to look forward to Fridays, and the fact that it’s the day most new music gets released is definitely way up there on the list. But the amount of new music can feel overwhelming at times, right? Well, we think so – and that’s why we’ve given life to a whole new playlist with handpicked musical goodies for you to fall in love with. We’re calling it the ‘Best New Music Playlist’ and the name says it all.

So without further ado, here are 10 new tracks that we’re digging at the moment – and a few more! Listen to the full playlist below.

Tash Sultana – “Willow Tree” feat. Jerome Farah

Australia’s Tash Sultana have looked inward to find a peaceful place for inspiration to their new album Terra Firma which will be out February 19th. That peacefulness is shown in another incredible cut from the groovy R&B innovators who’ve teamed up with fellow Aussie Jerome Farah for the irresistible “Willow Tree”.

Tierra Whack – “Dora”

Philadelphia’s most exciting new rapper Tierra Whack has returned with another playful gem to light up your Friday. Operating in a humorous lyrical universe, the 2019 XXL Fresh(wo)man spit bars on being rich, needing compliments and only sleeping in Gucci sheets. We can all relate, right?

Also check out the brilliant accompanying visuals by artist Alex Da Corte here.

Queen Naija – “Bitter” feat. Mulatto

Okay, this Detroit native is on a peak! With her anticipated debut album missunderstood out today featuring as many as 18 new tracks, the R&B superstar Queen Naija is about to get even bigger, as if more than a billion global streams wasn’t enough. But we totally get the buzz. “Bitter” which features a memorable verse from Atlanta rapper Mulatto is a manifestation of both of their talents and rise to stardom.

Empress Of – “You’ve Got to Feel” feat. Amber Mark

Leading up to the US election, the dream team Empress Of and Amber Mark has released their single “You’ve Got to Feel”, an empowering call to let your voice be heard. With Empress Of serving mainly as producer of the track and Amber Mark delivering the always spotless, soulful vocals, the song holds lines like “When your heart starts to realize and your soul starts to fuel your mind // Feel the movement, you’ve had enough // Welcome to revolution, oh!” and “1 percent hold the power position // Call us thug but watch your tradition”.

BENEE – “Plain” feat. Lily Allen & Flo Milli

On November 13th, New Zealand’s BENEE will drop her debut album Hey u x which will feature artists like Grimes, Muroki and Mallrat. Today she’s shared the Lily Allen and Flo Milli collaboration “Plain”. Over a trap beat, the chilled pop song floats lightly with lyrics about feeling like you have the upper hand in a situation where your ex has moved on.

Takykardia – “Ode to Angst”

Denmark’s Takykardia smoothly blends ‘trip hop’ and R&B with dream pop and jazz-influences – which is also the perfect recipe for the single “Ode to Angst”, their final single to drop from the forthcoming debut album out November 6th. With brave honesty, Luna Matz sings about dealing with OCD and anxiety and the journey from feeling ashamed to learning how to live with it and love the person you’ve become. “I’m done with not talking about ‘private issues’. Cause from ‘private issues’ comes shame. And from shame comes loneliness. At least it has for me,” Matz tells in a statement.

Watch the accompanying video where Matz has invited 30 of her friends and colleagues who’s also experienced anxiety to dance and shine with her.

Chloe Bodur – “Nothing New”

Instantly forcing a feeling of longing for something truly good upon you, London’s Chloe Bodur is blending jazzy nostalgia and flamenco guitars with a modern beat creating a romantic hybrid between the past and the pressent. “Nothing New” is about feeling fulfilled from a relationship and not wanting anything new now knowing what can be.

Nia Wyn – “Muzzle” feat. R.A.E

The Welsh artist Nia Wyn has teamed up with talented rapper R.A.E for her new single “Muzzle” and the outcome is amazing. A groovy, soulful track with hints of 90’s nostalgia, “Muzzle” is about the struggles we face in life and an honest track about mental issues. In a statement, the promising new artists says: “I wanted to represent that even if things are going well and you’re making progress, the impact of mental health issues and comparing yourself to others can lead to a lot of self-doubt. The idea of ‘someone get me a muzzle’ is that often I’ve vocalised this but then I get paranoid that I’ve said too much.”

Rose Gray – “Save Your Tears”

London’s Rose Gray is shining some well-needed possibility on us with the grandiose and powerful pop song “Save Your Tears”. It simply just hits right where it should and serves as the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the weekend.

Mina Okabe – “I’m Done”

Some people just catch your attention at first sight, and London-born / now Copenhagen-based artist Mina Okabe is one of them. Debuting with her single “I’m Done”, the 20-year-old talent is taking care of the feelings for another person bubbling inside of her through songwriting. It’s a dreamy cut worth a spin or 10.

Also Added

We’ve got a few more treats for you. Also added to the playlist are:

Raheaven – “2Personal”
Soleima – “Force of Nature”


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