Playlist: Here’s The Best New Music – Feat. Maggie Rogers, Big Freedia, Jorja Smith, CHIKA and More

Thirsty for some new music? Our Best New Music playlist has been updated with some of the best new releases from the past two weeks.

Maggie Rogers by Olivia Bee
Maggie Rogers by Olivia Bee

There are lots of reasons to look forward to Fridays, and the fact that it’s the day most new music gets released is definitely way up there on the list. But the amount of new music can feel overwhelming at times, right? Well, we think so – and that’s why we’ve given life to a whole new playlist with handpicked musical goodies for you to fall in love with. We’re calling it the ‘Best New Music Playlist’ and the name says it all.

So without further ado, here are 10 new tracks that we’re digging at the moment – and a few more! Listen to the full playlist below.

Maggie Rogers – “Celadon & Gold”

American, Grammy Award-nominated artist Maggie Rogers is “looking to the future by honoring the past,” as she describes her new record Notes from the Archive: Recordings 2011-2016. The record shows the evolution of Rogers’ notable career and consists of both remastered versions of previously released songs as well as tracks that’ve never seen the light of day until now. “Celadon & Gold” is one of them, and it’s showing a more alternative version of the artists who’s also revisiting her folk-roots throughout the album.

Jorja Smith – “By Any Means” (with WDR Funkhausorchester)

Jorja Smith is gearing up for another great year with the live version of her single “By Any Means”. The recording is the first taste of the Machiavelli Sessions that Jorja Smith went to Cologne to record with the WDR Funkhausorchester. Once again Jorja Smith is making it clear why she’s one of the most praised soul and R&B-singers right now.

Big Freedia – “Better Be” (feat. Flo Milli)

The New Orleans-rapper Big Freedia has brought bounce into Christmas, and it’s more than we could have ever wished for. She’s released a full Christmas-EP called Big Freedia’s Smokin’ Santa Christmas and it features titles like “Smoked Out Santa”, “Boy Toy Shop” and the Flo Milli-guested “Better Be”.

CupcakKe – “Gum”

Okay, you might wanna cover your grandma’s ears if you play CupcakKe‘s newest single out loud at Christmas eve (bold move if you do though). The chorus pretty much explains what the title refers to: “Last night this n***a couldn’t pull out/ Because I accidentally sucked his dick with gum in my mouth/ So it got stuck, stuck, stuck.”…


We’re slowing down for a bit, but staying in the sensual corner with rising Alabama-rapper CHIKA and her latest offering “FWB”. “I just need a lover and a friend to pass the time // A bed to crash tonight,” she sings in the R&B-infused, emotional ode to friends with benefits.

Jane Inc – “Gem”

You might know Carlyn Bezic better from her work with U.S. Girls, but her new single “Gem” is a stunning reminder to keep your ears open for her new artistic alias Jane Inc. “Gem” is a dazzling and dreamy alternative pop song with big soundscapes and so many details, you’ll have to play the track on repeat to hear them all. Fact is, you’ll properly hear new things for every time you listen. “Gem” is the first track to be lifted off her debut album Number One set for release on March 19th.

Ashnikko – “Daisy 2.0 (feat. Hatsune Miku)

Rising rap-star Ashnikko has teamed up with no less than the Japanese avatar Hatsune Miku who was supposed to take the stage at this year’s Coachella. The avatar uses singing synthesiser technology developed by Crypton Future Media to help Ashnikko re-define her hit single “Daisy” that was first released back in July.

Georgia – “Running Up That Hill”

If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing British multi-talent Georgia live (you know… back when live music was still a thing), you might have heard her cover of Kate Bush’ iconic “Running Up That Hill”. Now you can enjoy it, while we wait for the venues and festivals to return, cause it’s part of her new album Seeking Thrills: The Ultimate Thrills Edition – a re-edition of her critically acclaimed original album.

Anna Shoemaker – “Silver Cowboy Boots (feat. Invisible Will)”

Can we just show you what Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Anna Shoemaker says about her newest release, the dreamy, bedroom pop-gem “Silver Cowboy Boots”, cause it’s amazing:

“I wrote this song after my ex and I broke up for the second time. He seemed to be doing fine and I was still heartbroken. I was in the studio sad, hungover, and wearing these insane silver Fendi cowboy boots I had bought myself and was just like, you know what, maybe this is fine? […] All that guy did was mess with me, these boots can’t mess with me. They match everything, they look sick, they never tell me not to work with a certain producer or rapper because they’re jealous, they never get in fights at bars and then bleed all over my apartment, they never block my number for no reason, they never laugh at me or tell me I need to be better on stage if I want to make it big. They just make me look good and stand tall and confident, and that’s really all you can ask for from a relationship.”

Cham Léon – “two”

The Oslo-based pop-newcomer Cham Léon has released a brilliant new single called “two”. On her Instagram she explains, that the track is inspired by the emotion of not feeling sufficient, whether it’s in the eyes of others or your own. “Especially in December, these emotions are reinforced for a lot of people – maybe even more this year than before. Please look out for yourself and the people around you,” she writes.


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