Playlist: The 5 Best New Singles of the Week – Feat. Dizzy Fae, Mahalia & Rico Nasty, LAVA LA RUE, MAY-A, DijahSB and More

Thirsty for some new music? We’ve created a playlist with the week’s best new releases, and it’s here for you whenever you need inspiration.

Dizzy Fae by Skorpihoe

There are lots of reasons to look forward to Fridays, and the fact that it’s the day most new music gets released is definitely way up there on the list. But the amount of new music can feel overwhelming at times, right? Well, we think so – and that’s why we’ve given life to a playlist with handpicked musical goodies for you to fall in love with. We’re calling it the ‘Best New Music Playlist’ and the name says it all.

So without further ado, here are a bunch of new tracks that we’re digging at the moment with 5 incredible highlights. Listen to the full playlist below.

Dizzy Fae – “360 Baby”

The self-proclaimed Sex-pop artist Dizzy Fae is back with a sensual single to heat up your Friday. “360” Baby is a groovy, synth-driven banger oozing with sex and confidence. The Minneapolis-based artist and proud BIPOC queer singer says: ““360 Baby” is about “visualizing what you want and then going out and getting it. Manifestation plus persistence, simple as that!”. We can’t wait to take this one to the dancefloors when they open!

Mahalia – “Jealous” feat. Rico Nasty

Covid couldn’t stop shit!” American rap extravaganza Rico Nasty says in a statement about her feature on British R&B star Mahalia‘s new single “Jealous”. With the playful sound of a Spanish guitar and an underlying trap beat, the new single is a head-bopping and soulful exploration of the stereotypes dictating how men and women speak about themselves and what they’re told they should or shouldn’t feel.

On the collaboration, Mahalia says: “I was dealing with friends being super unsupportive about decisions I was making and I was struggling with navigating that. I’m really proud and excited about what came out in this song and I hope people love it in the same way we did when we wrote it. Rico Nasty is a badass and one of my favourite artists so getting her to feature was a huge moment for me!

LAVA LA RUE – “Magpie”

Nine8 Collective-founder and member LAVA LA RUE has released a truly amazing as well as important EP. Butter-Fly offers 5 pieces of indiepop perfection unfolding the many shapes and forms, love comes in. In a recent post on Instagram, the British-Jamaican artist describes her new EP as a project that features all queer love songs:

I never thought the world needed me to write any love songs. That was until I realised how underrepresented alternative love narratives are in a world where many queers growing up, had to adapt hetro love songs to apply to themselves.” “Magpie” is the first track of the EP and it’s brilliant. But please don’t stop there. Do yourself a favor and listen to all five tracks. You won’t regret. We promise!

MAY-A – “Time I Love To Waste”

Ah, young love. There’s really nothing like it, and the Aussie pop-newcomer MAY-A describes it perfectly in her extremely catchy new single “Time I Love To Waste”. Written just three hours apart from last year’s breakthrough single “Apricots”, the track is a throwback to a day spend in the company of a one of a kind girl:

“I’d personally never been interested in someone the way that I was into her. I was completely enamored. I wanted to give her everything that she wanted and I truly felt like she was completely out of my league,” the 19-year old Sidney-based artist explains. Seriously, we feel like MAY-A is completely out of our league too with this definition of an earworm. What have we done to deserve “Time I Love To Waste”? We don’t know, but we wouldn’t be without it…

DijahSB – “By Myself” with Harrison

Toronto-based rapper DijahSB reminds us of the old school hip hop that shaped the genre a few decades back on their newest offering “By Myself”. With a funk-infused bass line and jazzy notes floating atop the laidback beat, DijahSB flows lyrics on confidence, independence and learning how to do things on their own. We’re thrilled by the discovery of DijahSB and their honest lyrics serving as a window into the mind and life of a Black non-binary artist. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Also added to this week’s playlist are:

Tash Sultana – “Blame It On Society”
Sarah Proctor – “The Breaks”
KIDDO – “My 100”
Emily Bear and Arizana – “u suck”
Grace Davies – “i met a boy online”
Keni – “Sid and Nancy”
Stalk Ashley – “TIP (The Party)


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