Playlist: 10 Best New Songs of the Week – Feat. Arlo Parks, FKA Twigs, Sarah Klang, Celeste and More

Thirsty for some new music? We’ve created a playlist with the week’s best new releases, and it’s here for you whenever you need inspiration.

Sarah Klang by Fredrika Eriksson
Sarah Klang by Fredrika Eriksson

There are lots of reasons to look forward to Fridays, and the fact that it’s the day most new music gets released is definitely way up there on the list. But the amount of new music can feel overwhelming at times, right? Well, we think so – and that’s why we’ve given life to a whole new playlist with handpicked musical goodies for you to fall in love with. We’re calling it the ‘Best New Music Playlist’ and the name says it all.

So without further ado, here are 10 new tracks that we’re digging at the moment – and a few more! Listen to the full playlist below.

Arlo Parks – “Hope”

We’ve stopped counting all the stars raining down on British breakthrough artist Arlo Parks from music critics praising her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams. The much anticipated album was released today, but Wednesday we got a final teaser in the shape of the soulful and empowering “Hope”.

FKA Twigs – “Don’t Judge Me” (feat. Headie One and Fred Again..)

The always amazing FKA Twigs has joined forces with producer Fred Again.. and UK drill-rapper Headie One on the heartfelt “Don’t Judge Me”. The track is accompanied by a powerful music video directed by FKA Twigs and Emmanuel Adjei, which stars several black activists and shines light on the experience of being Black in the UK and struggle agains an invisible oppressor that is still painfully present in the modern world. Get lost in FKA Twig’s airy and vulnerable vocals and watch the stunning video here.

Sarah Klang – “Fever Dream”

There’s just something incredibly spellbinding about Swedish musician Sarah Klang‘s voice and mellow songwriting. She masters the timeless sound to perfection, which the country-infused pop ballad “Fever Dream” is a beautiful example of. It’s the third single to be lifted off her forthcoming album Virgo out May 7th. Get inside Klang’s fever dream in the amazing music video here.

Celeste – “Tonight Tonight”

Speaking of timeless music, Celeste is shaping the future with the sounds of the past. Inspired by the biggest soul vocalists, the British singer presents track after track of pure perfection. The up-tempo “Tonight Tonight” about newfound love is catchy as hell and features on the alternative debut album Not Your Muse (Deluxe) which is out today.

AMA – “Bpm”

Today, West London singer AMA has released her new EP Vs Everything and it’s not like anything we’ve heard before. The innovative artists takes edgy pop to new levels with her experimental approach to catchy pop melodies. We could have chosen any of the four songs of the EP for our playlist today, but we’re serving you the hard-hitting and playful “Bpm”. You’re welcome!

Sabiyha – “Lullaby”

Please, pleeease listen closely and pay attention as South London artist Sabiyha invites you into her personal family space with samples of the chant her Nanny would sing as a lullaby for her and her 12 cousins when they were small, with a beat inspired by the clapping game they used to play. The mesmerizing track is a celebration of her Guyanese heritage as well as an overall honoring of familial and cultural identity, and pride that people from immigrant families can relate to and people from non-immigrant families can learn from.

Alicaí Harley – “No Rampin” (feat. Moelogo & Nadia Rose)

Merging pop, R&B and dancehall, London’s Alicaí Harley is taking you on a trip to her birth-town Kingston, Jamaica with dance-friendly and beat-heavy productions and her smooth vocals. Today, she released her debut album The Red Room Intro (Yard Gyal Inna Britain) and it holds a range of great tracks – one of them being “No Rampin” which features singer Moelogo and rapper Nadia Rose and makes us miss partying sooo so much!

Zanillya – “Million Reasons”

The infectious new track “Million Reasons” by up and coming artist Zanillya serves as a good reason to keep an eye out for her forthcoming debut EP. The singer, songwriter and producer has created an original soundscape that makes you want to run away from everything and dance. According Zanillya herself, “Million Reasons” is her first ever love song reflecting the feeling of having a million reasons to walk away from love.

Nina Cobham – “lo que pasó”

Indie artist Nina Cobham spent her first years in Spain, but now resides in Manchester, where she’s making a name of herself with her lo-fi bedroom R&B. With lyrics written in both English and Spanish, she’s almost painting with her words merging her soft and vulnerable vocals with the warm, downplayed productions. You won’t regret spending 2:30 minutes on this tune.

Molly Hammar – “DOUCHEBAG”

Molly Hammar calls herself a “Swedish R&B angel”, but with “DOUCHEBAG” she’s also adding a hip hop flavour as she criticizes douchebags and the objectifying of women in popular culture and society in general. We need tracks like this, thanks!

Also Added

We’ve got a few more treats for you. Also added to the playlist are:

Faunea – “CRZY”
Iris & Skaar – “voodoo voodoo”
De Place – “Mood Killa”
tearo, the ghost – do you wonder where my smile went?
Freida Mari – “Easy”
Gurli Octavia – “Spinning”
RAKEL – “Our Favorite Line”
Sibille Attar – “Somebody’s Watching”


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