Our Picks for the Danish Adventure Film Festival

Skiing, drinking and everything in between will be served as part of the Danish Adventure Film Festival’s 30 course menu.

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It’s been part of human nature to seek out thrills and overcome obstacles for centuries. Adventure, and more specifically, adventure sports are all about pushing boundaries, butting heads with the elements and pushing yourself to the max.

One of Europe’s oldest adventure film festivals, D.A.F.F, just kicked off with a tight programme of 30 adventure films taking place over five days. The festival remains diverse in style and sports genres, covering athletes from all around the world as they excel in everything from mountain climbing and skiing to running and bouldering. Two captivating and colorful films especially stood out as they follow strong and determined women on their personal quests to conquer the sports they love.

Outside Voices follows star runner Jenn Shelton and her unorthodox runner’s life as she roadtrips across the US in the summer of 2015. Shelton isn’t your average runner and you won’t see her gulp down kale smoothies and protein shakes. Instead, she packed all of her belongings in a van and set off for a summer of drinking, partying and living life as it happens before her while training for the Bear 100 Mile. Director Joel Krupicka manages to merge indie film characteristics with the sharp and breathtaking shots that are the trademark of action sport films in this poetic runner’s feature. Of course, the film also hinges on Shelton’s colourful personality, free spirit and strong-as-steel willpower. The film acts as a thoughtful portrait of Shelton while she battles the polarization between being a dedicated and professional athlete with the urge to shed all control.

Outside Voices is showing in Copenhagen Thursday 24/11 and Sunday 27/11. Tickets are available here.

In Sandra Lahnsteiner’s Between, we follow the star-studded Shades of Winter crew’s adventures as they conquer obstacles in all shapes and sizes—as long as they’re certified adrenaline kicks, of course. The crew gets up close and personal with Hawaiian volcanos and Alaska’s mythical giants, fuelled by curiosity and a thirst for thrill. Even when you’re a pro free-skier, a good crew is key and Lahnsteiner’s film makes sure that the crystal clear shots capture the camaraderie and community between the crew as much as their pro engagement with the elements and the sport.

Between is showing in Copenhagen Friday 25/11. Tickets are available here.

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