Photos From Laura Kaczmarek’s Book Launch Party

Berlin vibes. And cake!

And so, to Berlin! Berlin, with its exhaustingly cool aura and signature look of flexitarian avocado concept bars and seedy warehouses that remarkably, almost impossibly still aren’t gentrified! Berlin, where everyone is either a partied-out, bearded dude rambling about Berghain and his ‘artist visa’ or an old lady yelling something viciously German at you if you don’t offer your bus seat to her fast enough! Yep, this is Berlin and you’ve probably had it with hearing about how ‘amaaaaaazingly authentic’ it is, but what can you do. Despite the naysayers who grumble that Berlin will turn into a real-life Instagram filter if we don’t watch out, let’s be real: it’s still a pretty neat city. Which is what we were reminded of the other weekend at the launch party for German photographer Laura Kaczmarek‘s debut book.

By now, we’ve written a lot about what we’ve been up to with her and adidas Originals – travel, photography, helping her publish her debut book, etc etc – so we will spare you the details this time. But what we WON’T spare you are the photos from the evening, which feature a) a big-ass cake, b) a girl with two gold teeth (!!!) and c) sick install shots of Laura’s work. Decent!

So, to sum things up: check out the pics here and keep your eyes peeled for more from our collab soon. Yeah!