Photos from Girls Are Talking: You Do You

See what went down at our latest Girls Are Talking session, featuring feminist filmmaker Lea Glob and transgender model Ivy September Rosenauer.

Overlooking the rooftops of Vesterbro and hiding from the cold breeze from the streets outside, we gathered in the THANK YOU space and had an amazing experience hosting our speakers and guests for our latest Girls Are Talking event.

With the help of delectable Orange Gin drinks provided by Copenhagen Distillery, everyone relaxed and enjoyed the two speakers who graciously shared their experiences about trying to find themselves throughout their lives.

Starting the evening, our moderators presented the program for the evening followed by introducing the first speaker Lea Glob: internationally awarded filmmaker and director of VENUS, a documentary which shines a light on contemporary sexuality and eroticism form a female perspective.

Our second and last speaker, but definitely not the least, was Ivy September Rosenauer: a Swedish born transgender model, activist and generally a pretty compelling human being. Chances are you might also know her for being a part of the critically acclaimed Swedish documentary series ‘Tjerer Som Oss’, which follows four transgender women and their struggles in Sweden.

Check out the photos here and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page to keep up with newest events, talks and cool stuff from Girls Are Awesome.


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