Photos From Our First-Ever ‘Girls Are Talking’ Event

Check out what our night of stories, smiles and endless gin & tonics looked like.

Last Thursday, we held the first event in our new initiative called ‘Girls Are Talking’: a series of small, cozy speakers series featuring all sorts of women with interesting stories to tell.

Carla Cammilla Hjort, director of future-thinking Space10, told us about buying 36 plane tickets and traveling the world for the hell of it; Veronica D’Souza, founder of luxury brand Carcel, told us about finding a way to do some good within a capitalist framework; and Clare McNally, Strategic Brand Creator at the agency Konstellation & Republica, shared her perspective on goodvertising and basically made us a laugh until we couldn’t breathe anymore.

Stories, smiles and endless gin & tonics courtesy of Copenhagen Distillery were all around. Check out what the night looked like, and keep your eyes out for our future events.

All photos by Abdellah Ihadian.