The Period Purse and The Fight Against Bright Tampon Wrapping

The Period Purse is the savior your white pants are waiting for.

Sometimes the most irritating experiences can lead to the best ideas, which was exactly the case with Rakel and her invention, the Period Purse.

A woman will on average spend 3.500 days on her period. That’s roughly 14.000 tampons or pads throughout a lifetime! 14.000 unnecessarily in-your-face colored tampon or pad wrappings and an almost equal amount of times digging through your bag to find the last one you just know is there somewhere.


This is where Rakel Karlsdóttir and her Period Purse enters the picture. With a background in architecture and product design, she managed to merge the very best of her two worlds to create a product that is every perfectionists dream.

What at first glance might look like an average women’s wallet, is in reality a detailed and organized system. Inside it contains space for tampons and pads (in all sizes), wet-wipes, and uniquely designed sanitary bags, gathering everything necessary in one purse-like system and hiding the ridiculous colors most period-related products are wrapped in.

The most important function is the Period Pouch. Disposable plastic pouches inside the purse, available to cleanly pack away any used product. Rakel discovered the necessity of this feature when she had been out horseback riding one day, and the lack of proper toilets forced her to stuff a used product down her coat pocket which resulted in a ruined and stained jacket.


From then on she made it a mission of hers to make women’s lives easier when dealing with the inevitable, and the rest is just about to become history. Rakel is currently funding her brilliant idea through Kickstarter, which is exactly where you can get your hands on this little piece of problem solving equipment.


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