Is the Sexism in Blade Runner 2049 Justified?

The film portrays a dystopia which treats women like trash. Thing is, it's not too far of a stretch from what's going on today.

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As Seen by Her: Art Director, Ceramist and Swimming Pool Enthusiast Emmanuelle Roule

Read about the French creative in the second story from our collab with As Seen by Her, a platform featuring essays by creative women.

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Meet Maysoun Kanaan, the “Spiritual Feminist” Making Jewellery Inspired by Goddesses, the Middle East and Denmark

Her jewellery line, Kinz Kanaan, is whirlwind of Arabic patterns, clean lines and powerful symbolism with a feminist touch.

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As Seen by Her: Activewear Designer, Artist and Strong AF Aries Laurie Nouchka

Read about the designer and artist in the first story from our new partnership with As Seen by Her, a platform featuring essays by creative women.

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Five Organizations to Donate to on International Day of the Girl

Reproductive justice, legal activism and teaching girls to code—here's where you should donate to put your money where your mouth is.

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“Finding Vivian Maier” is a Spellbinding Portrait of a Mysterious Woman and Genius Photographer

Vivian Maier was a nanny during her lifetime, but became an extraordinary photographer after she died—all by accident.

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“It’s Rare to See a Woman Over 40 Be the Main Character”: Talking Ageism and Nico With Director Susanna Nicchiarelli

We spoke to the filmmaker behind 'Nico, 1988' about choosing to portray the final years of the tragic icon's life as a symbolic move.

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Sick of Perfect Moms on Instagram? Do Yourself a Favor and Go Follow “Mothers Meeting” Instead

We talked to Jenny Scott, founder of event company and brand Mothers Meeting, about staying sane in a sea of impossibly idyllic moms dominating social media.

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Meet LESS BORE, the Barcelona-Based Brand Creating ‘Austere Luxury’ for a Sustainable Future

Read why founder Ander Azkarate is obsessed with minimal production and pick up a bag yourself this Friday at the HEROINES store launch party in Copenhagen.

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Watch Ivan Olita’s Sensual Short Film About Mexico’s Third Sex

"Define Gender: Muxes" explores the proud and fearless world of Mexico's third sex with intricate camerawork and storytelling.

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