Peeking Back Over Our Dusty, Tired, Relieved Shoulders

Because Roskilde is a total shit show, but when it’s over you’re 100% sure you’re going back next year.

RF18 | roskilde festival

Alright guys, you’ve breathed urine, danced yourself sore, consumed your body-weight in beer and after all that, you still look fucking amazing! From the music, to the food and the camps to the activities, this year’s festival was full of firsts and classics, making it one for the books. We cataloged some your top moments!

4th year at Roskilde Festival

5th year at Roskilde Festival

Looking back on this epic week, who or what do you guys think particularly crushed it this festival?

Natasha: For me it was Mind Of 99, cause I got in the pit and was all the way up front for the first time and it was amazing! They’re one of my favorite bands so it was perfect! My brother also texted me and said he saw me on the screen.

Thyra: For me, I think morning song at Gloria. I was there every morning and have also gone the other years because it’s just so uplifting with people singing together and raising the roof.

I think I’m gonna have to try that next year. Thanks for the tip! Getting ready to go home, is there anything in particular you won’t miss?

Natasha: Uuuuhm… Sleeping in a tent and waking up all sweaty!

Thyra: Yeah!

Natasha: It’s the worst!

Thyra: And all the music from all the other camps keeping you up all night and morning with techno tunes.

I totes understand! Aside from that, what will you miss the most then?

Natasha: The music and the general feeling. Just chilling here right now in the nice weather and everyone’s having a great time and smiling. You can go to a concert, get some food or something to drink…

Thyra: Yeah, you don’t have to look at your watch. You just do what you want, when you want. I’m gonna miss that!

Yeah, there’s no time out here and yet plenty of time for everything! Thank you guys so much, and enjoy the rest of your festival!


RF18 | roskilde festival


12th year at Roskilde Festival

Being the veteran that you are, what or who particularly crushed it out there this year?

So much came together this year. But David Byrne last night blew me away! I had no expectations and didn’t really know what type of music I was going to hear, but it was crazy!

Sometimes those are the best concerts, right? The ones you go to with an open mind and zero expectations!

Yeah, definitely. It’s like that for me almost every year!

Finishing up this year, what are you really gonna miss?

I don’t know… The overall special feeling here, which is also why I come back every year. Everyone’s just so nice to each other!

Definitely! Anything here that you’ve had enough of?

Waking up in a hot tent and walking around in urine dust!

Amen to that! Thank you so much Sidsel!


RF18 | roskilde festival


1st Roskilde Festival

First off, welcome to the Festival! How has it treated you?

It’s been really great! I’m really exhausted and ready to go home, but it’s been one of the best weeks ever!

Being a first timer out here, who or what really crushed it for you in a good way?

Can it be two things?

Yeah! Hit me with two things!

First off, the whole food scene is one of the best things here! Everything is just so delicious and you can choose whatever you like. I just had lobster roll with vinegar fries from the food court and it’s really good!

SHIT that looks good! What was the other crusher?

Bruno Mars fucking crushed it! It was insane! I was in the second pit and he’s just so talented. I really thought that he actually kept the audience stoked throughout.

I know, he was full of energy, it was amazing! So when are you heading back home and what will be the first thing you do?

I’m heading home tonight and I could really use a shower! A real proper shower and put some music on — my own music! The camps are just full of techno. Also my bed and my multiple pillows, I really miss those!

So going home to your own music, what’s the first thing you’ll put on?

Bruno Mars again, I think, to keep that vibe going. I mean, I listen to his music anyway and have been for years, but now I can listen to it with new memories.

What will you miss the most from here?

My camp! I was based in G with my best friend and a bunch of others who were just great and sweet. We were like 11 and had so much fun! There was no one moment that did it, but just the fact that you never looked at your watch; everything just happens when it happens.

You’re the second person to point that out! Time moves differently out here!

Yeah, the other day I was pouring a Gin & Tonic and randomly looked at my watch and it was 10 in the morning… Anything goes here!

Yeah, I mean… It’s five o’clock somewhere! Thank you so much, Monica, enjoy your festival and fries!


RF18 | roskilde festival


1st Roskilde Festival

1st Roskilde Festival

Being here all week and as first-timers, what or who would you guys say particularly crushed it?

Karen: I was actually really surprised by Eminem. I don’t really like his music at all but there was just an amazing energy there and he was very into it with the audience! We were way back and couldn’t really hear in the beginning, but that changed a bit.

Mathilde: Yeah, I also think Bruno Mars was very awesome and as a Nephew fan that was the biggest moment for me. I was in the front!

Yeah, they also have great energy on stage.

Mathilde: Yeah, and I know all the songs so it was one big sing-a-long!

When do you think you guys will head home?

Both: Sunday!

What are you gonna miss the most from the Festival?

Karen: The energy and the food, but otherwise I’m just really looking forward to getting home and staying in my own bed and not waking up at 7.30 in a hot tent!

Do you guys have any advice for any would-be first-timers next year?

Mathilde: Bring smart shoes like sneakers or something and warm clothes for the evenings. No matter how warm it is during the day, it can get pretty cold at night!

Great advice! Thank you and enjoy the rest of your Festival!


RF18 | roskilde festival

9th year at Roskilde Festival

The end is near and everyone’s tired, but looking back on this week, what or who really crushed it this year for you?

I think Eminem made a big impact. I think he’s changed from when I was younger. He used to seem very tough, but now he seems like grown up and very nice.

Aside from the music, what else left an impression on you out here?

Kiin Kiin out here is super delicious!

When do you think you’ll be heading home?

Today… I’m sick so heading home soon. My entire camp is sick now actually.

Oh damn, contagion! So aside from the illness, anything else you won’t miss or are excited to go home to?

My bed and a shower!

I hear you! What will you miss the most then?

Maybe all the people. It’s very free spirited here and when you get back home, people are not as open. Out here, you talk to everybody, even complete strangers.

Have you met some new friends here just by striking up random conversions and who you think you’ll see in “the real world”?

Yeah at concerts, but I don’t think I’ll see them again. It’s just nice fleeting moments of kindness and fun. There were also a lot of new people in my camp, but not sure I’ll see some of them again until next year.

Thank you so much and I hope you feel better really soon!


RF18 | roskilde festival

8th year at Roskilde Festival

6th year at Roskilde Festival

Winding down and looking back on this week, who or what really fucking crushed it?

Lisbet: Well, concert wise, I would say Stormzy. That was insane!

Clara: Also, this year involved a first. We were all the way up front for Minds Of 99 last night. I’ve never been ALL the way in the front before and it was amazing! Also, just the mood that’s up there, also among the volunteers — they look so happy! It felt new to me and still a very typical Orange feeling!

That is such a nice memory to take home with you! When ARE you guys heading home?

Lisbet: Late Saturday. We’re staying for Anderson .Paak and probably going home around 3.30 ish…

Clara: Meaning we’re home Sunday morning some time. It’s gonna take a really long time!

So when you wake up tomorrow, what is going to be the best memory? In addition to the Mind Of 99 concert of course.

Clara: The people and being with your friends all day long. Waking up with your friends, going to sleep with your friends, partying with all your friends. I mean, all your friends are here and no one has any plans except for being here together.

Lisbet: Yeah, you just go everywhere here together and we’re a big girl camp. I think we’re 18 girls and one guy, and we always let in new people. Roskilde Festival is a great place to meet new friends and you see them at their like highest, having a great time and also when they’re having the blues.

Clara: Yeah, I think we’ve all made new friends here and now having Roskilde Festival in common makes for a strong bond. Our camp just keeps growing with new people coming in through friends. So our camp is Camp Holy Minttu…

Wait… What?

Clara: Minttu? The Finnish peppermint liquor?

That sounds fucking lethal.

Clara: It is!

Lisbet: It’s really strong and gets you really drunk, really fast.

Good to know!

Clara: You have to try it!

Lisbet: It tastes like mouthwash or toothpaste.

Sounds intense!

Clara: Yeah and you have that taste in the back of your throat all night long, which is actually kinda refreshing.

I was gonna say it sounds terrible…

Clara: No no… You have really fresh breath!

That’s an amazing Roskilde Festival hack right there! Get drunk and great breath at the same time!

Lisbet: Yup!

Sooo… Is there anything at all you wont miss?

Lisbet: The dust!

Clara: Ooooh the dust! It’s so annoying

Lisbet: It’s everywhere!

Clara: It was like sandstorm out in the camping area…

Lisbet: Yeah, we saw two pavilions flying around one day it was insane!

Clara: We were also just talking about how nice it’ll be to sleep in a real bed!

Yesss! A nice warm bed.

Clara: And also, if you have to pee at night, it won’t be problem or a project anymore!

I can see I caught you eating, what was the best food you had?

Lisbet: This is from Kiin Kiin, the red curry. Soooo good! I also had this nice Japanese dish, like an omelette from the food court yesterday… Also really good!

Clara: But it’s impossible to get around to ALL the amazing food here! We were just talking about what our like “last meal” should be. It’s last call now and there are things I look forward to eating every year, like the Dicksie Burger. You have to try that, it’s a classic, like the spaghetti place!

Yeah, for me that’s the Ski Burger!

Clara: I’ve actually never had the Ski Burger, but yeah, it’s more like a tradition thing with the food. And a combination of also trying the new stalls.

Thank you guys so much for your time and enjoy the rest of the Festival and your Kiin Kiin!


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